Pixel Tablet, Google would be working on two docking stations

google pixel tablet to final tests: the latest on specs
google pixel tablet to final tests: the latest on specs

It seems that Google is working on at least two new accessories for its future tablet: analyzing the APK of the latest Beta version of the Home app, two code names appeared, namely Yuzu and Korlanand it is speculated that they are some sort of docking station. It is not clear what the differences are between one and the other, but if it is true that the Mountain View giant could also launch a Pro variant of the tablet it is safe to assume that there is a dock per model.

For reference, the tablet’s codename should be Tangor, while the Pro variant is simply known as Tangorpro. It is interesting to observe that all three names correspond to fruits: two, Tangor and Yuzu, are citrus fruits, while Korlan is a tropical fruit very similar to lychee. To say: it is very plausible that the codenames are all related to the same project.


The screenshots above refer to the configuration process of one of the two docking stations, or Korlan; it was not possible to activate the same procedure for Yuzu, which suggests that the development process is not exactly the same for both products, but they are extremely fragile theories that have millions of plausible alternative explanations. In any case, without owning an actual Pixel Tablet, access to information is extremely limited.

Recall that the Pixel Tablet was officially anticipated in recent months by Google, but that apparently it’s not ready yet. Today the Mountain View company should officially present the new generation Pixels (of which many juicy details have emerged in the last hours thanks to Amazon), and at the same time there should be room for the debut in a new product category with the Pixel Watch, but for the tablet it will probably have to wait until 2023.

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