Pixel Notepad, when the production of foldable displays begins and when it arrives


Of Pixel Notepad, the first foldable smartphone from Google, there is not much talk. There has been no shortage of rumors in recent months, but they come with a dropper, which is usually symptomatic of two possible scenarios: Big G has been particularly careful in keeping the project confidential, or, trivially, we are not too close to launch so the moment when the rumors change pace and go up with the rhythm is yet to come.

The feeling is that the most suitable hypothesis in the case of Pixel Notepad is the second, on the one hand because looking back one realizes that Google has never been too good (or convinced) in keeping the details of the projects confidential until launch event, on the other hand why these are precisely the indications that come from the same rumors.



Between the end of July and the beginning of August we had confirmation of the fact that someone from the parts of Mountain View is busy on Pixel Notepad thanks to the clue provided by the code of Google Camera 8.6, then by a “tip” of the well-known Digital Chat Station, which on Weibo told how Foxconn is committed to assembling two top-of-the-range Pixels, one with a traditional form factor – Pixel 7 Ultra – the other folding – own Notepad.

Now comes another clue signed by Ross Young, an analyst with a long experience in the field of displays and CEO of DSCC, Display Supply Chain Consultants. And the “tip” on Pixel Notepad concerns his own screenthat it will start to be produced in about four months, therefore between December and January 2023. Once the panels and the other main components of the leaflet are ready, the assembly will proceed, and for the expert informant this translates into a possible event in March 2023 for the presentation of Notepad.

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In short, if the Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch arrive on October 6 – the date is official from yesterday – we will have to wait for the first Mountain View leaflet. the first months of 2023. Then, after all, whether it is February, March or April, little changes, the important thing is that the project progresses and from what seeps from industrial environments it is doing it, now finally without problems. It is not obvious to get back on track immediately, being Google’s first time.


Young’s prediction opportunity is ideal for a little review of what we know about Notepad. Here’s what the rumors anticipated:

  • form factor: folding “book” with square design, in line with Oppo Find N so to speak
  • display:
    • external: 5.8 inches
    • internal: 7.6 inches
  • SoC: First generation Google Tensor
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • cameras:
    • 12 MP rear main
    • 16MP ultra-wide rear