Pixel Fold shipments are delayed, what about the Google foldable?

Pixel Fold shipments are delayed, what about the Google foldable?
pixel fold shipments are delayed, what about the google foldable?

Pixel Fold shipments are delayed, what about the Google foldable?

He Pixel Fold It is Google’s alternative for consumers tired of Samsung’s dominance in the folding phone segment. On paper, it has characteristics to be a good purchase choice -although it is prohibitively expensive for many, like all these devices. While Google didn’t reveal at last month’s I/O conference when it would start shipping the handset, its pre-order page indicated the device would be available on June 27. However it seems that the delivery dates have been delayed.

Several users have shared on Twitter that the shipping date associated with their reservation has been delayed by a few weeks. According to some messages, the new one that the folding screen phone has has changed to the following: between the July 3 and 7. It’s not outrageous, but it does make it clear that there are some issues (which could affect launch in some regions, such as Spain).

Some data is even worse…

We say this because it has been published that, in some US states -such as NY-, the earliest expected shipping date is between August 2 and 10 for purchases made today. The same estimate is shown for zip codes in Germany. So it is clear that there is some sort of supply issues leading to late deliveries of Google’s Pixel Fold.

Google Pixel Fold phone in black color

It is important to remember that, in addition to being available directly from Google, the Pixel Fold will be sold in stores in the three main North American operators. If we take Verizon as an example, which will start accepting reservations on June 20, things are going well… but, if we check if this is the same for AT&T and T-Mobile, the surprise comes: there is still no information announced about pre-sales or release dates for the phone from these carriers. Without a doubt, something is up.

The #GooglePixelFold shipping is delayed again. When will Google learn – they had a month window before the Fold 5 came out to crush it, at this rate the #PixelFold is going to flop hard! pic.twitter.com/zCWatXOdIK

— Nirave 尼拉夫 (@nirave) June 15, 2023

What may be happening with the Pixel Fold

Google might have a hard time producing enough units of the Pixel Fold, this is the first thing that comes to mind. If the shipment of the Fold is experiencing delays, it is normal that the Mountain View company cannot compete as expected and, therefore, your rivals will have an advantage in the foldable phone race. For example, it is expected that Motorola start shipping the Razr+ on June 23.

But the Pixel Fold has more problems, as Samsung is expected to launch its next Galaxy Z Fold and Flip models at the end of July, which will make the sales of the different terminals almost overlap… and this may affect Google more than the Korean firm (because the price of the terminals will be similar).


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