Pixel 8 wireless charging certified: Same standard as Pixel 7

pixel 8 wireless charging certified: same standard as pixel 7
pixel 8 wireless charging certified: same standard as pixel 7


Google Pixel 8 is shown on the portal of Wireless Power Consortium, the body that regulates wireless standards and must verify that new devices meet the requirements. To tell the truth, Pixel 8 did not show up, we specify it because on the WPC page of the next top of Google there is actually an image, however it does not depict Pixel 8 but Pixel 6. Archive photo, “archive” , for a smartphone that the WPC, even if it had the material, could not have shown.

Pixel 8 stop at WPC, model code GKWS6, it is due to the necessary certification for wireless charging. The current top arrives at 20 watts using Pixel Stand 2nd generation and at 12 watts with Qi-certified accessories; the successor unfortunately won’t do better: the maximum input power certified by the institution is in fact 12 watts.

It is a pity that the Qi standard of the Pixel 7 is that of the first generation (1.2.4) and not of the second, but the doubt remains that Google could not have done otherwise. The design of Pixel 8 has certainly not started in these days (we would not have all the material we have) nor in January when the WPC announced the new generation standard at CES in Las Vegas, it started earlier.

Moreover, the WPC had clearly stated on that occasion that Qi2 (chee two the correct pronunciation) would be arrived on the market “by the end of 2023”, net of delays and complications of various types that can never be excluded. Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are expected to arrive in October, more or less. Who knows, however, that there is still some hope of seeing the novelty at least on the Pixel 8 Prowould be a nice differentiator between the two.

Qi2 is interesting because it is based on magnetic wireless charging, which exponentially increases the efficiency of the charging process and also the convenience for the user, since the alignment ideal between gadget and charging base is guaranteed. And if anyone remembers Apple’s MagSafe, well, that’s right: it was WPC member Apple with its MagSafe magnetic wireless charging technology introduced in 2020 with the iPhone 12, the body acknowledged in the press release, a lay the foundations of the Qi2 standard.

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