Pixel 8 Pro: Filtered a video with its most surprising novelty

smuhayf0ncg5govqcgoig transformed.jpeg
smuhayf0ncg5govqcgoig transformed.jpeg

Multiple leaks have confirmed that the Pixel 8 Pro will look quite similar to its predecessor. However, it is expected to bring many improvements in cameras and even a LiDAR sensor.

Now, a new leak now highlights another interesting feature that is heading to the Google flagship.

In what appears to be leaked promotional material, the Pixel 8 Pro displays as a thermometer. You need to bring the IR sensors mounted on the back of the phone closer to your forehead and move it towards your temple to get a temperature reading.

Google adds that the sensor requires access to bare skin and will not work properly with any obstruction. The report adds that the sensor can also measure the temperature of external objects.

Strictly speaking, this feature is not new and has been part of smartphones of Chinese origin such as the Umidigi A9 and the Honor Play 4 Pro. However, it has not caught on. Perhaps the Pixel 8 sensor could find a place as an external thermometer or for other other applications.

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