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Pixel 7, Watch and Buds Pro: the Google ecosystem in video

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Google has posted a new video on YouTube focusing on the news coming on October 6th. There is curiosity around the unpublished Mountain View products, despite the fact that the company has already shown them several times with an advance that we could define record-breaking: the first leak of Google itself dates back to last May. Five months ahead of the official debut.

From that day on, there have been rumors, further official and unofficial advances, and we can say that we have a decidedly precise picture of what awaits us. To sum up:

  • Pixel 7
  • Pixel 7 Pro
  • Pixel Watch

The most observant will remember that Google had shown even a tablet, which, however, will be offered on the market over the next year. A big absentee, yes (literally speaking), but all according to plan.

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In the video released yesterday, we saw it, the first impressions of the Pixel 7 Pro are collected from people from all over the world. The smartphone is not shown – it is pixelated, and it could not be otherwise… – and it is only said that he has “three cameras“, a feature already well known. The smartphone appears only at the end, with the words”Pre-orders will start on October 6th“.

The second clip is instead one overview of incoming products: we obviously start from the two Pixel 7, shown in detail in the different colors, the second device is instead the expected one Watch – seen on Sundar Pichai’s wrist – with some frames dedicated to the lateral crown that will be used to move around the interface. Finally, the Pixel Buds Pro are shown, earphones that Google presented in May and that we had the opportunity to test thoroughly in our review.

We can say that the real protagonist of the video is the ecosystem Pixel by Google, made up of smartphones, smartwatches and earphones (and, soon, an unprecedented tablet). There is still no certainty about the technical characteristics of the first two, for the moment we can only rely on rumors.

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