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Pixel 7 Pro will make you choose between QHD and FHD: the rumor that also concerns the Pixel 6 Pro

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A few days ago, while digging into the meanders of the (alleged) pixel 7 Pro display drivers, the possibility of setting the display in Full HD + rather than the maximum supported by the screen, the Quad HD +, was intercepted. Among the settings of Android 13 there would be a section dedicated to changing the resolution, which in the case of the Pixel 7 Pro could be set at 1440p or 1080p.

Now the developer Mishaal Rahman has shared on Twitter the video of a Pixel 6 Pro with Android 13 beta that was forced to use the Pixel 7 Pro display drivers, and so the opportunity intercepted in recent days has become concrete: even between Pixel 6 Pro settings with Android 13 beta peeped out section to adjust the display to 1080p. Rahman, responding to a user comment, speculated that “If the Pixel 6 Pro’s display can support native 1080p then it cannot be ruled out that with an update of the drivers can get the same opportunity in the future “.


The discovery confirms the rumors a few days ago that claimed that Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will have exactly the same panels as the current Pixels. The novelty of the native 1080p, in fact, seems only a software novelty, that is, it affects the driver and not the panel. A second developer always intervened on Twitter to clarify that the novelty found in the alleged Pixel 7 Pro drivers it does not consist of a simple screen resize such as what can be done by acting on adb or similar means, but rather the native, “effective” setting of a lower resolution.

By using the Pixel 7 Pro’s display driver on the Pixel 6 Pro, Android 13’s screen resolution setting becomes available, and the resolution can be changed to 1080p.

The ability to set a resolution lower than the 1440p that Pixel 6 Pro customers are forced to today would be important for those who want trade a slight loss of screen detail for an autonomy boost, so for users who use the smartphone heavily, this would not be a minor novelty. In doing so, in fact, the Tensor and its GPU should manage a lower number of pixels, which would make it less burdensome for the hardware to perform demanding operations and therefore the energy required from the battery for the same use would be lower, with positive implications on autonomy. .

  • Google Pixel 6 Pro is available online from Phone2go to 699 euros or from eBay to 789 euros.

Google Pixel 6 Pro is available onto 790 euros. (updated June 03, 2022, 5:02 pm)

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