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Pixel 7 Pro, the identikit is complete: here is the first official front image

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Since that Google I / O in May in which in Mountain View they premiered the fall products of definitive images on Google Pixel 7 we have seen several. Now that we are close to the event that the new generation of smartphones will come out of, Google comes up with something unpublished: yet another official preview shows us, finally, the Pixel 7 Pro front design.

The image contains the protagonist products of the event, but if on Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds Pro it does not show anything new the front view of Pixel 7 Pro instead is unprecedented. The render shared on the Facebook group Pixel Superfansindeed, it doesn’t come from some fans who are good at Photoshop and the like but from Google itself, who created it to announce an event dedicated to insiders, the loyal ones who can’t wait to find out what’s new. The group is private, but the image is public.


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However the look of the Pixel 7 Pro is not surprising: in fact it looks like a Pixel 6 Pro clone, if only for what little you can guess, the curvature on the sides of the display seems just less pronounced, in line with past rumors. A less curved display it is less spectacular, but it gains in usability: the possibility of being hit by reflections in the light and of generating involuntary touches during use is reduced.

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