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Pixel 7 and 7 Pro begin receiving Google One VPN

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THE Google Pixels they are constantly evolving smartphones and the new Pixel 7 and 7 Pro (our review here) are no different. this time the news does not come through a software update, but from the activation of a function that the Mountain View house had announced during the presentation keynote and which has only begun to reach the latest Pixel series smartphones in the last few hours.

Let’s talk about the ability to access free use of the VPN included within Google One, which is the same VPN that is offered with the 2 TB plan. Over the past few hours some commercial units of Pixel 7 (here its review) and Pixel 7 Pro they began to receive the function which is accessible directly from the Google One application and from the Benefits tab, as you can see in the images shown below.

Here you can find a new welcome screen informing the user that “your Pixel includes Google One VPN” and all the features related to it, as well as confirming that navigation data is not tracked, collected or sold. Once the VPN is activated, it is possible to set a quick toggle to use or deactivate it at will, or alternatively it is possible to from the menu in the settings dedicated to connectivity.

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At the moment the activation seems to be very sporadic and we have not had the opportunity to confirm its presence in Italy, given that the dedicated screen is not yet present on our Pixel 7s in the Benefits tab. Theoretically this feature should have been linked to the release of the Feature Drop in December but, considering that for some it is already available, it is likely that the activation will be gradual.

Google Pixel 7 – Unlocked Wide Angle 5G Android Smartphone with 24 Hour Battery Life – 128GB, Cedar Green

Google Pixel 7 Pro – Unlocked 5G Android smartphone with telephoto, wide angle and 24-hour battery life – 128GB, Obsidian Black

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(updated November 30, 2022, 5:45 pm)

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