Pixel 6a, Google publishes unboxing video by mistake: here are the details


Pixel 6a is official, yes, but it won’t hit the market until July 28 – first in the US, then in other countries, including Italy. Yet there are already those who have published a unboxing video: to make the fact even more curious is that the author of this preview is Google itself, French division. Nothing strange, one might say, because by now the smartphone has been presented and perhaps to keep the attention high, the Mountain View company has decided to show the device in more detail. And instead, apparently, it was a mistake, since the video in question soon became private as it was material reserved for retailers. However, there are those who managed to immortalize some images before the clip disappeared.

Let’s start from packaging sales: it will be lean, apparently, without too many frills. Translated: there will be no charger included, inside there will be the smartphone, a USB-C cable and a USB-C – USB-A adapter, documentation and the pin to extract the SIM. It is then pointed out that for the first time in the package the Google Tensor logo is shown (remember that on Pixel 6a it will be of the first generation, while on 7 and 7 Pro it will be the new version).

The last two photos in the gallery show the Pixel Buds Pro, new earphones announced last May 11 together with Pixel 6a.


In the video we also focus on the fingerprint sensor: a clean break with the past, as promised, since – at least in the video – it seems to work very well with good reactivity.