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Pinterest will force you to accept its new “Code of Conduct”

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Pinterest has created a “Code of Conduct” for creators using the platform, in order to make it more inclusive within a more positive online environment.

Pinterest has also developed new comment moderation tools

According to the company, the idea of ​​the Code emerged in the middle of last year, in a context marked by the global pandemic and the many movements and social upheavals that are shaking the world. To counter this, Pinterest seeks to focus creators on the platform on posting constructive, inclusive, and practical ideas.

From now on, users with access to Story Pins – Pinterest stories – will have to accept those rules to make Pinterest a safer place. In addition, in the coming weeks all creators will be forced to accept it if they want to continue publishing on the platform. In this sense, these are the new regulations that will come into force:

-To be nice: the published content must not be offensive or discriminatory.

-Verify the information: ensure that information and data are accurate and objective.

-Be aware of sensitive content: dose visual content that may alter the sensitivity of some users.

-Practice inclusivity: not intentionally excluding groups or communities.

-Do no harm: check that any call to action or challenge that arises is always safe.

Pinterest code of conduct

Comment moderation on Pinterest

In the same way and with a similar intention, Pinterest has also launched new comment moderation tools. From now on, the company will display positive reminders to users recommending that they follow the guidelines and rethink any discriminatory or offensive comments before posting. This feature will be similar to the one Twitter has started to implement in recent weeks.

On the other hand, Pinterest makes new moderation tools available to creators, such as the possibility of eliminating comments by keywords, configuring a filter of prohibited keywords in the profile configuration options. The company also incorporates new spam protection signals that, through machine learning, will be used to detect and eliminate comments that do not comply with the rules.

Additionally, creators can now select up to three feed comments to highlight the positive feedback they get.