Pinterest wants to buy VSCO

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Pinterest currently maintains conversations to acquire VSCO, an application specialized in editing and sharing photos and videos that also incorporates social network elements. Neither of the two companies involved has officially confirmed these negotiations, which if culminated in an acquisition could lead to a strong competitor to Instagram.

VSCO is a photo and video editing app that has its own social network

Pinterest allows organize and plan online image albums, while VSCO has been offering visual content creators tools to edit and disseminate them for 10 years.

Recently from this company, and on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, they published a statement in which they expressed their interest in developing new forms of expansion in terms of the resources available to its users. They were also willing to advance in ways so that they could obtain economic returns. Hence, an operation such as the purchase by Pinterest makes perfect sense.

What is VSCO and why is it interesting

The VSCO application present in the iOS and Android ecosystems offers tools to create and edit images. As for the first option, it has its own application for capturing images, with automatic focus or quick shooting options, although the most notable is the manual focus option.

As for editing, it allows you to modify the skin tone of those who appear in the images, as well as offering your own focus, saturation, contrast, color temperature settings, as well as various filters (including paid filters) that can be applied. to the images. The resulting image can be shared on your own social network available in the same VSCO app.

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The use of the VSCO Image Editing App resulted in the creation in 2019 of the #VSCOGirl tag, associated with a particular aesthetic and feminine wardrobe style identifiable by oversized T-shirts, worn jeans, Crocs-type sneakers and the omnipresence of Hydro Flask brand metal bottles.

Such has become the importance of VSCO girls that even on TikTok a #vscogirl filter was added that includes this type of bottle along with the addition of side ponytails that are added to the face when taking a selfie.