Pinterest redesigns the home feed

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Pinterest has launched new tools and a complete redesign of its home feed around the world, with the goal of offering new ways to view, discover and buy content on the platform. The news that the company has recently presented are the following:

The new Pinterest home feed is now available to users of the app on iOS and Android

-New home feed. Pinterest is now introducing an entirely new viewing experience by redesigning its home feed, which means changing the view from the moment the app opens.

Now, next to the “Explore” option, which is nothing more than the traditional Pinterest feed with a renewed style, the new “View” tab is now displayed, which is a full-screen feed – in the style of Stories- where Idea Pins are displayed and where users can scroll and interact with the content.


As if it were a TikTok-style feed, users are shown recommended content based on their tastes, preferences and browsing history. This novelty is now available to all Pinterest users in the iOS and Android app, as long as they reside in a country where the Idea Pins have been launched, such as Spain among many others.

-Versions. With this new functionality, Pinterest users can respond to a creator’s idea with their own Idea Pins. Your responses are linked to the original content, and content creators can highlight user versions.

With this release, for the first time, any user can create their own Idea Pins. As in the Stories format of other social networks, they can include interactive and seasonal stickers, and they can also add songs, edit and record video … and experiment with the “preview” mode to see the final result before publishing it.

These new “Versions” are now available to all Pinterest users on iOS and Android.

-Monetization program. Another novelty presented by Pinterest is its creator monetization program, for which it will pay users to share their content on the platform.


For now, “Creators Rewards” are only available in the United States, and creators will have a control panel where they can access all the tools and statistics. The company has announced that it will allocate 20 million dollars to this fund with which users can make their wishes come true.