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Pinterest launches new shopping features in Spain and Mexico

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Pinterest has launched in eight countries, including Spain and Mexico, its new shopping functions for consumers and merchants. It is about the international expansion of tools that were already available in Anglo-Saxon countries and that now reach Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Brazil and Mexico.

The new shopping tools are already available in a dozen countries

From now on, Pinterest users in these countries will be able to make purchases directly from the Pins, as well as on the content boards. They will also have access to the new purchase options when they search on the platform or when they do so through the Lens camera. These are the new features that are available now:

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-Buy from search: When users search for products or services on Pinterest now next to the results they will see a purchase tab with results 100% valid to buy. These purchase results can be filtered by fields such as price and brand name.

-Buy with Lens: With visual search, when a user sees something in real life that they like, they can take a photo of it with the Pinterest camera and find stock of that product on the platform, with direct access to purchase.

-Buy from the Pins: From now on, when you click on a Pin, the products and purchase categories that appear in the image will be displayed. Through visual search technology, users will be able to buy the items that interest them.

-Product pins: Details such as pricing, shipping options, and product reviews will display on Product Pins.

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-Shopping Spotlights: Featured purchases include trends and content curated by experts to inspire Pinterest users to shop and discover new brands. Like a personal stylist, and with the look of a magazine editorial, this feature makes shopping for the latest trends easier than ever.

-Buy from the boards: Users will be able to see a “Store” section on their dashboards, with stock product ideas.

New tools for merchants

In addition to the new functions for users to buy on Pinterest, the company has also enabled a series of tools aimed at merchants in the aforementioned countries. They are as follows:

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-Verified merchant program: Pinterest launches the Verified Merchant Program that certifies companies whose products and website meet strict quality requirements and offer positive customer service. These verified merchants will have a blue check mark on their profile.

-Purchase tab in the profile: Merchants can transform their store tab into a showcase with featured products in stock and organized by category, featured product groups, and dynamically created recommendations.

Product labeling: merchants can tag images with products available for purchase. By clicking on the tagged products, users will see additional details such as the title or price directly on the image.


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