Pinterest launches four new shopping tools

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Pinterest has launched new tools to offer its advertisers more possibilities to sell products on the platform directly. This set of shopping solutions for advertisers is now available to all Pinterest users in the United States, and will soon, as announced by the company, in other countries such as Mexico and Spain.

The new Pinterest purchase options are now available in the United States and will soon arrive in Mexico and Spain

The news that Pinterest has presented for sellers are the following:

-Presentation of slides of collections. With this tool you can extract products directly from the advertiser’s product catalog and generate an interesting ad with different slides. Thus, a light content video is produced quickly, which dynamically adapts to the needs of each buyer.

As a result, the “shopping carts” of Pinterest users can host more products. According to Pinterest, the operation of this new tool is assured because users of the platform love video content and, in addition, due to its characteristics, they can explore more than one product at the same time.

-Details of the merchant. Within the verified merchant program, brands will now be able to display their values ​​on their Pinterest profile. Traders will be able to flag things like “Responsible Production”, “Committed to Good Causes” and “Inclusive Culture” to display on their profile.

You can also add details about the community to which the merchant belongs, such as “Owned by a black person,” “Owned by a Latino person,” “Owned by a woman,” “Owned by an LGBTQ + person,” or “Owned by a person with a disability ”, among other options.

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-Verified merchants. Additionally, the Pinterest Verified Merchant Program is now also available in countries such as Austria, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. Those who adhere to it will be able to wear a special “Verified” badge that fosters user confidence.

-Idea Ads with paid association. This new format is a joint partnership between creators and advertisers. The creator generates an Idea Pin and tags a brand partner. From there, the advertiser can promote the Idea Pin as an Idea Ad. At the moment this format is being tested with a select group of creators and brands in 15 countries.