Pinterest launches Augmented Reality for home decoration

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Pinterest has a feature called “Try On” which allows users to enjoy a more immersive experience through the use of Virtual Reality.

Pinterest already has two other tools based on Try On technology

Try On’s functionalities are built on Pinterest’s Lens camera search technology, allowing thousands of objects to be recognized in the real world and providing users with online recommendations on in-stock products through catalogs and taking into account account the tastes of each.

Over the past two years, Pinterest has launched “Try On” for lipsticks in 2020 and eyeshadows in 2021, allowing users to see how different products would look on them as if they were trying them on in a store, just applying the lens on your photograph.

Now Pinterest also launches «Try On» for home decoration. Users will be able to place any decorative element in a specific room by applying the lens on their photograph. Pinners will be able to adjust the product within the camera view to see how it fits in their space (scale) and how it blends with their home decor.

As VR quickly becomes a reality for online shopping and interest in the metaverse grows, Pinterest is now making it easier for the more than 85 million users who engage with home content each month to move from inspiration to action. by making this “Try On” tool available to you.

In any case, it should be noted that the Try On function for home decoration has just been launched now in the United States for the Pinterest iOS and Android app with stores such as Crate & Barrel, CB2, Walmart, West Elm and Wayfair, and that the company has acknowledged that it will soon be available globally.

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Home decor is the biggest category on Pinterest, with 3.37 billion search clicks worldwide in 2021.