Pinterest changes its rules to combat misinformation

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Pinterest users have been receiving an email in the last few hours notifying of certain changes in the Search Platform’s Use Policy.

The changes aim to combat misinformation about climate change on Pinterest

Specifically, the company is providing notice of a major update to the Advertising and Community Guidelines (“Guidelines”) to expand existing prohibitions against misinformation and conspiracy theories, as well as add new prohibitions. against misleading information about climate change.

These changes will come into force on April 5and anyone who uses Pinterest thereafter is assumed to accept the changes introduced in the Platform’s Usage Policy.

It’s important to be aware of the changes because they may affect what content each user can save or share on Pinterest. As announced by the company, the news will apply to all content, which includes the Pins that users publish and also the ads that can be published on the platform.

What changes does Pinterest introduce in its Use Policy?

Pinterest mainly introduces two types of changes: those that are aimed at the user community and those that directly affect advertising.

-Changes for the User Community. Pinterest already includes guidelines in its Community Guidelines that address false content that may harm the well-being, safety, or trust of members.

Although this already means a ban on posting content with health cospiracy theories or disinformation, Pinterest wants to expressly expand the bans to explicitly reference misinformation and disinformation regarding climate change.

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-Changes regarding Advertising. Pinterest has also announced that it will ban any ads that contain false or misleading information about climate change, although it has not specified on what basis it will determine that content is misleading or not. It also claims to update its rules to explicitly ban any ads that include conspiracy theories, misinformation or misinformation about climate change.