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Pinterest bans ads about weight loss

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Pinterest has just updated its terms of use and advertising policies to ban all ads that include weight loss-related language and images from now on.

Pinterest further restricts advertising on products to lose weight or suppress appetite, which were already banned on the platform

It is common for users to use the platform to search for healthy recipes, desserts and all kinds of gastronomic dishes, however, there are also those who search in the hope of finding a remedy against being overweight that, on occasions, can lead to publications that can induce problems related to physical image and mental health.

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That is why, taking advantage of the arrival of summer and that the restrictions due to the pandemic have been relaxed, Pinterest updates its advertising policies becoming the first major online platform to limit the advertising of this type of content that offers “miracle solutions” or that are based on dangerous health claims.

Specifically, from now on you will not be able to buy ads on Pinterest that contain texts or images related to weight loss, or that reproduce user testimonials about weight loss or their use of weight loss products. Nor will texts or images that idealize or denigrate any type of body, nor references to the Body Mass Index (BMI) or other similar parameters will be allowed. In addition, advertising of slimming products for skin application or that are attached to the body in any way will not be allowed.

These prohibitions are now added to others on the same subject that were already banned on Pinterest, which includes advertisements for pills, supplements or other products to lose weight or suppress appetite; images of weight loss of the “before and after” type, slimming procedures such as liposuction or fat burning … as well as discriminatory content towards the physique, such as texts or images that discredit or make fun of any type of body or physical appearance , or claims regarding unrealistic cosmetic results.

Pinterest clarifies that ads promoting healthy lifestyles and habits, as well as those promoting fitness products, will continue to be allowed on the platform as long as they are not focused on weight loss.

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