Pinterest allows you to claim copyright and decide who can use the content

pinterest logo in vector
pinterest logo in vector
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Pinterest logo in vector

Pinterest has introduced a new tool to give content creators more power and control over their own work. Under the name of Content Claim Portal, this space of the social network allows artists and content creators to decide when and how your works appear in posts on Pinterest, as well as reporting any fraudulent use of their works.

At the moment it is a tool for a group of creators, but it will be extended in the coming months

At the moment it is little more than an experiment, as it is only available to a small group of users selected by the company among its more than 459 million users. However, they point out from Pinterest, their intention is to extend the availability of this option to all creators who use the social network, so that they can make claims about the rights they have over their content.


If a content creator on Pinterest wants to use this tool, they must fill out a app and, if you are admitted to it, when you upload your content to the social network you will be able to choose how to protect and use your works. There are several options that Pinterest offers in this regard:

If the creator marks the option “Only mine”, the social network will delete the images already published, and those that are published in the future, in which the user’s creations are used. The option “Only on the web” removes all images featuring the creator’s works, except for those that link to its page. Finally, if the creator marks “Block all”, all versions, already published and future ones, that appear on Pinterest will be deleted.

The idea arose as a result of numerous complaints and requests, by users, that they claimed to have more control on Pinterest where and how their works appeared, and even the possibility of removing a post if they used their creations without permission.

In recent months, Pinterest has been developing this application together with a select group of content creators. Based on the contributions of these creators, the social network has been polishing this tool to make it easier for them to claim their copyright in the publications on Pinterest.