Pier announces new refund amounts and must update the PIPE Table on a recurring basis

Pier announces new refund amounts and must update the PIPE Table on a recurring basis

THE Pier announced this Monday (14) that it will change its refund policy for smartphone insurance. That is, it will stop updating the values ​​occasionally, since, according to the insurer, the model is outdated compared to those practiced by the market.

That said, the new method consists of updating the PIPE table on a recurring basis. In addition, the refund amount will correspond to the price of the cell phone in good condition. In this way, the company claims that it will be operating in line with the market, in addition to considering the relationship with customers more transparent.

What is the PIPE Table?

In case you didn’t know, it is the results of an evaluation that takes into account the values ​​practiced in the market for used devices. In general, the calculation is based on the prices of three famous sites: Buscapé🇧🇷 Free market and trochaphone🇧🇷 In the same way, each one has a criterion followed by her to calculate.

With that, she considers, in the case of the first portal, the value of the device in the last six months depreciated by 10%. Now, as for the second, the price that Pier takes into account is the lowest among reliable sellers. Finally, in the case of the latter, the criterion is the cash value of the cell phone in good condition.

The monthly fee, in turn, is defined by Pier’s risk analysis, which considers attributes such as inflation, claims and item value. Even so, the insurer is responsible for giving advance notice if the price per month changes. Finally, the measure goes into effect in December.

Recently, Porto Seguros campaigned on smartphone insurance, also being part of this device protection category. Still on that, TechSmart has an article that can help you keep your device protected in case any problems occur.

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