Picture-in-Picture mode on YouTube for more Apple devices

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picture in picture mode on youtube for more apple devices.jpg

The Google subsidiary now allows much broader access to the picture-in-picture view – but only in a single market. This leads to confusion.

Since Apple introduced its picture-in-picture mode (PiP, picture-in-picture mode) in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, the Google subsidiary YouTube has not been able to decide how and whether to support it. In the meantime he was active, then not again. The group has now announced that it will finally deal with the PiP topic. And one thing in advance: not everyone will be happy again.

PiP for videos is extremely useful. This allows you to continue viewing an overlaid mini movie window while using other apps on the iPhone and iPad. Since the feature is available system-wide, it can also be operated easily and simply: One click – and the video becomes a picture-in-picture. For YouTube alone, the function was always considered “premium”, which is why it could only be used in the meantime with tricks in the browser. Finally, the feature “for all” users in the app was announced, which turned out to be a pious wish.

The latest status of the debate is a letter from a community manager that appeared in YouTube’s community support area a few days ago. “Hazel” writes that Picture-in-Picture will be “rolled out” on iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 “over the next few days”. “We recognize that this is a slow rollout for a highly requested feature,” the community manager said without a wink. Individual testers had previously had access.

Then “Hazel” sums up how it will work in the future with the picture-in-picture mode in the YouTube app for iOS and iPadOS. According to this, people who have not yet paid for YouTube Premium will have free access to PiP in the USA alone. However, this only applies to content that is not marked as music videos – the group apparently does not want to block YouTube music subscriptions here. PiP is still available on Android devices, the group prefers Google’s own platform.

And what about the rest of the world? So far, only premium members have been served here, who pay 12 euros a month for freedom from advertising and other features. After all, PiP also applies to music videos here (everything else would probably be weird too). PiP needs to be specifically enabled in the “General” settings before it even shows up. If PiP is not active, background playback remains, which is also a premium feature. Unfortunately, the latter does not work perfectly: the skip function does not work correctly with headphones because it jumps directly to the beginning or end of a video.


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