Photoshop for iPad is now almost like the desktop version


Great news for those who use Photoshop on iPad: the latest update of Adobe’s photo editing program – in full version on the Apple tablet from 2019 – introduces some functions that until yesterday were reserved for desktop and laptop computers.

Adobe, in its blog, has emphasized some of the news of the version 3.6including the “Fill based on content”, To complete portions of an image thanks to the use of artificial intelligence by removing elements that are out of tune or are out of context with a single command and extremely quickly. Of course it is first necessary to select the area on which we want to intervene.

The implementation continues with the tool “Remove background”, A famous function capable of intervening and replacing the background of an image while maintaining the highest quality. On iPad, even “Remove background” is activated with a single command, in the name of maximum speed. News also for “Select subject”Which, again thanks to the intervention of artificial intelligence, is able to recognize the human subject and select those small details that can often escape or require a long time to be highlighted. The most striking example is hair: now on the iPad everything happens with a single gesture.

Then come the useful functions from the desktop version of Photoshop “Automatic tone“,”Automatic color” And “Automatic contrasto ”, to intervene quickly on any color or tonal defects in an image without taking too long.

  • Easily remove selected objects with one tap. Content-Aware Fill uses Adobe AI to synthesize neighboring elements so they seamlessly blend with their surroundings, quickly and easily.
  • Correct your images with a single command with Auto Tone, Auto Color and Auto Contrast options, just like in Photoshop on desktop.
  • Get feedback and collaborate with other people using contextual pins and the ability to view annotations.

In a nutshell Adobe on iPad brings improvements aimed at increasing speed and speed of work without decreasing the quality of the final result and therefore of the image. Also provided functions for collaborate on the cloud in the elaboration of an image also with the possibility to leave comments. Still enlarged, then, the availability of fonts to write on the image itself.

The update, like the entire Photoshop app for iPad, is available for free, while a Creative Cloud subscription is required to unlock and use the various functions.

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