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Phone Link from Microsoft: using iPhone with Windows 11 is now easier

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After a limited access phase, Microsoft has just introduced the iPhone support with Phone Link for Windows 11. The application can finally be used by iOS users in all interested markets, including the Italian one. It may seem strange, but in fact such a complete solution was still missing, if we don’t consider the Link to Windows app, decidedly limited in functions compared to this one. Here’s an excerpt from the official announcement released yesterday by Microsoft on its blog.

Today we’re excited to announce that Microsoft Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11 is starting to roll out to our global audience in 39 languages ​​across 85 markets.

Users with an Android smartphone have long been able to rely on the application of the same name for a whole series of useful features, and now that support has also been extended to the Apple operating system, the service can be configured by relying on the same guide published by Microsoft at this link.

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What can we do with Phone Link now that there is iOS support? Thanks to it it is possible make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages and view notifications right on your PC. Specifically, now Windows 11 offers partial support for iMessage, although there are still some limitations. Among these it is worth mentioning the lack of support for group chats, photos, videos and conversation history.

Phone Link does not differentiate between SMS messages and iMessage content, therefore messages are displayed indistinctly within the classic gray bubbles in the application. Not only that, it’s good to know that messages can only be viewed on a PC while iPhone is connected via Bluetooth.

Microsoft states that among the conditions to be able to use the service, you must have a device with iOS 14 or later installed but only an iPhone, since this function is not available for iPad or Mac.

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