Phishing scam distributes malware-infected Afterburner on fake MSI website

Phishing scam distributes malware-infected Afterburner on fake MSI website

A new phishing scam what uses the look of the official MSI website to make available a fake version of Afterburner, a program used to configure video cards, is circulating on the internet. The fraudulent page distributes a modified version of the platform infected with malware able to use the machine for cryptocurrency mining.

According to information from Cyble, the site mirrors all the elements that make up the original website, making gamer users believe they are on the real MSI page. This illusion is reinforced with the presence of misleading links in the first results of Google as advertising.

As revealed by experts, the malicious file present in the source code of the altered version of Afterburner is Monero XMR, malware widely used by hackers to practice cryptojacking, a modality that consists of using the hardware of an infected computer to create hash power. (computational).

While the focus of Monero XMR is on cryptocurrencies, the malware can also be used for other, even more dangerous purposes, such as collecting computer data and sending it directly to the hacker. In this case, the virus can collect the history of keystrokes, access files — photos, videos, documents, etc. – and much more.

The first four Afterburner links are fake. (Image: Disclosure / Cyble).

Gamers who have MSI Afterburner installed on their PC should uninstall it, run an antivirus scan and then download the safe version directly from the MSI website (go to).

MSI Afterburner page. (Image: Printscreen).

Are you careful when installing programs or applications? Did you know about this new phishing scam? Tell us, comment!

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