Perseverance will bring some names of Everyeye users to Mars!

Perseverance will bring some names of Everyeye users to Mars!
Perseverance Will Bring Some Names Of Everyeye Users To Mars!

Perseverance will bring some names of Everyeye users to Mars!The launch of the Perseverance rover on Mars is now just around the corner. In fact, the last hours before the start of the historic mission are counted. Today 29 July 2020 is the “eve” and, after having published various insights related to the event, we dedicate today’s day to a reminder, a reminder. Indeed, you need to know that aboard Perseverance there are also some names of Everyeye users.

More precisely, in May 2019 we had spoken on these pages of the possibility of obtaining a “ticket” to Mars, just like what you can see at the bottom of the news. We remind, therefore, to those who registered at the time, that the mission in which the names will be brought to Mars it is precisely that linked to Perseverance (at the time of registration, reference was generally made to “Mars 2020”, given that the votes for the rover’s name were only opened in January 2020).

How to recover your ticket to Mars

We know it: more than a year has passed since we told you about this possibility. For this reason, some of you have probably forgotten your participation. Don’t worry: we’ll explain it right away how to recover the ticket (clearly it is necessary to have registered in May 2019).

  1. Connect to the official NASA website;
  2. Click on the “Find your boarding pass“;
  3. Place first name is surname, select italy as a country and enter the Postal code;
  4. Click on the “Find my boarding pass“and you will go to the page where all the your tickets;
  5. To download the ticket, just press on ticket name and click on the item “Download“. There is also the possibility of share it on social media.
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Perfect, now you know how to find the “lost ticket”.

Perseverance, where the names of Everyeye users are found

As explained by NASA on its official blog, user names were printed on three chips, or those you can see at the top left of this official image. These chips are roughly the size of a nail and the names have been printed by an electron beam. The chips were then “installed” on the Perseverance rover. If all goes as planned, the latter should land on the Red Planet in early 2021, more precisely in the Jezero crater area. The first estimates talking about a possible landing window from February 18, 2021.

The “ranking” of countries: we are first in Europe

Imagine that some of you are wondering how many names will be sent to Mars via Perseverance and which countries have had the most participants. Well, the total of names that the NASA rover will “land” on the Red Planet is equal to 10,932,295 (almost 11 million). We also report below the “ranking” of the top 15 countries by participants.

  1. Turkey: 2,528,844 participants;
  2. India: 1,778,277 participants;
  3. United States of America: 1,733,559 participants;
  4. China: 292,071 participants;
  5. Iran: 287,512 participants;
  6. United Kingdom: 284,350 participants;
  7. Indonesia: 237,616 participants;
  8. South Korea: 203,814 participants;
  9. Mexico: 199,341 participants;
  10. Israel: 198,876 participants;
  11. Italy: 186.130 participants;
  12. Brazil: 180,844 participants;
  13. Egypt: 175,578 participants;
  14. Russia: 150,692 participants;
  15. Canada: 143,032 participants.

In short, considering that the United Kingdom has just left the European Union and that Turkey has been in the negotiation phase since 2005, we are first in Europe. After us are Spain (16th place, 133,030 participants) and Germany (18th place, 113,630 participants). Very interesting to note that we have “passed” countries with more inhabitants than Italy (60.36 million in 2019). Just think of the aforementioned Germany (83.02 million in 2019).

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There are already some Everyeye user names on Mars

For the uninitiated, from 2018 on Mars there are already some names of users of Everyeye. In fact, NASA had given a similar chance with the InSight lander. In that case, the number of names brought to Mars was approximately 2.4 million (of which 75,093 from Italy). These names are found on some chips placed on the aforementioned lander. For those who have been following us for a long time: you can also find that ticket using the procedure illustrated above.