Peek Performance: A lot of noise and some nut (Opinion)

After the hangover from the event on March 8, Tuesday, where Apple released several devices to the world, we can now with a slightly different perspective and without the “direct” high, to be able to give our own and therefore subjective opinion of what the event was for me. There was a lot of noise and some nuts also fell but I already expected more beforehand and I’m still waiting. peek performance It was what I expected beforehand.

I could sum up Peek Performance in one sentence: I expected it but it was still not that bad

All the rumors that were spread days/weeks before the event on March 8, came true. They left almost nothing to the imagination or surprise. It is clear that this is what the press, Apple itself and users want. There was a big surprise, especially because of the size compared to others of its kind. The M1 Ultra chip being twice the size of the M1 Max. They are two Max united for a reason.

Therefore, on the day of the event, expectations were not too high because everything mentioned was expected. However, there is always a little hope that new and impressive things will be seen. That is what Apple has accustomed us to. In fact, one of the rumors that was mentioned was the possibility of up to three different Macs being released. But as we have already seen, what was launched was only one It could well be worth those three.

New to Apple TV+, iPhone 13 and 13 Pro in Green, iPhone SE Enhanced, Mac Studio, and M1 Ultra. That is all that the apple company presented last Tuesday. Of all this, only the M1 Ultra was something that did not fit into the previous rumors. What a piece of chip, not only because of its size but also because of its capacity and what it will be capable of. This is something that although field tests are lacking, knowing the result that the M1 Max gives…

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When I was watching the live presentation, what I thought as soon as I saw him present, was how incredible it must be to have a computer powerful enough to house that M1 Ultra chip and to be able to enjoy everything that it will be capable of. Immediately my illusions were lowered when I thought that it is an Apple chip and that the price I would put on it was not going to be suitable for everyone.

Then came that hybrid computer between a Mac mini and a Mac Pro. A computer, the mac studio, capable of working with the M1 Ultra and that is also compact and with a design that is quite striking and above all that makes us think of desktop computers in a different way. No more thinking that to have a very powerful PC you need a huge tower that houses all the components well. The Mac Studio has broken molds and we must think that the future of desktop computers will be that.

I am sure that many companies will begin to create desktop computers with that shape and size and with this we will gain space. Something that is always appreciated.

Therefore, although all the fish was sold before the event, I have to say that leaving aside the third generation iPhone SE, which in my opinion seems like a hoax, with all the words, for many reasons, starting with the fact that it still has Touch ID (there are still iPhone cases with buttons left in the warehouses and they need to get rid of them), the event went well thanks mainly to the M1 Ultra chip that It will change the way of working with computers.

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The power that develops that chip will be something that dThey will have to copy the others and from here, we can only improve.