PayPal announces the end of free shipping service on product returns

The payment platform PayPal is notifying its users about the end of the f serviceFree rete on the return of purchased products. The change in the company’s policy takes effect as of this Tuesday (27).

According to the announcement notice, PayPal will no longer accept refund requests for return shipping costs. In cases of doubt, the platform recommended access the help center for more details.

O PayPal He also stressed that the company’s buyer protection service will continue to be available for eligible purchases. For this, the customer needs to pay with the platform and maintain their account with a good reputation.

In case of a problem with any purchase, it is necessary to inform the seller that there is an inconvenience with the transaction by opening a dispute in the resolution center within the period noted in the transaction details.

If the issue is not resolved directly with the seller, simply convert the dispute into a claim within 20 days of the original opening date. The total purchase price will be refunded, in addition to the original shipping costs, if the transaction is eligible.

It should be noted that Some purchases, such as vehicles in the Engines category, industrial machinery used in manufacturing, and real estate are not eligible for PayPal’s Buyer Protection Program.

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