Payment for the RJ subway with Samsung Pay can now be done with a locked cell phone

Payment for the RJ subway with Samsung Pay can now be done with a locked cell phone
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Starting this week, the users of Samsung Paythe South Korean brand’s financial transaction system, can now pay for the Rio de Janeiro subway without having to unlock the smartphone during the operation.

As reported by the website Tecnoblog, the application Samsung Pay is notifying users about the new possibility to use the service. The system already buys the public transport ticket by touching the device to the turnstile validator, without additional confirmations.

In this way, it will not be necessary to enter the password or use biometrics to guarantee access to the subway, bus, train and the like. The feature is available for NFC (contactless) transactions with credit and debit cards.

Call of Transit, the tool promises to bring more agility to the service in ending the user’s need trigger Samsung Pay manually, as was done before. Just bring the device closer to the validator and pass after the charge has been made.

Before using the new option, you need to configure the function on the device. Just go to the Samsung Pay home screen, look for the “Public transport” section, tap the “Start” button and choose a card to make the transactions.

After that, just approach the subway turnstile and touch the validator smartphone, without having to unlock it. Transit is currently only available on the Rio de Janeiro subway, but Samsung said other cities will receive the functionality “soon”.

According to the MetrôRio website, the turnstiles accept payments with Visa, Mastercard and Elo cards. The mode of transactions by approach is also available on the Metrô na Superfície lines, which connect Botafogo and Leblon to PUC, in Gávea.

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