Patent applied for by Apple reveals greater integration between watch and bracelet


Information released this week suggests that Apple may be working on a new feature that could be rolled out on the company’s next generation smartwatch. Apparently, the manufacturer can improve the experience of using the bracelets by increasing the integration between the accessory and the wearable to perform certain functions.

According to a leaked patent document, the company may introduce a feature in the future on the Apple Watch that activates certain settings when changing the bracelet. “The electronic device [Apple Watch] can respond to the identification of a certain band performing specific functions”, says the patent.

Apple still states in the patent that “[O Apple Watch] can perform a variety of other actions after identifying a band”, but it is not clear how this would be done. It is possible that the band has some connector, chip or other component that allows the watch to identify the model of the accessory and activate certain presets .


One of the possibilities listed in the patent consists of a QR Code printed on the back of the bracelet and which must be positioned under the watch. Image identification must be done using infrared sensors, but we still do not know if the brand really intends to adopt this verification method.

See in the image below:

Supposed design of the next Apple Watch. | Image: Playback.

This novelty would give more functionality to Apple Watch bracelets. In Europe, these accessories (only the bracelets) can cost more than R$499.

“For example, when the Watch has the necessary features, the electronic device launches an application, opens a website, starts a timer, displays a message, provides an alert, communicates with another device and/or other functions”, continues.

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