Passwords, a necessary evil that we could do without in the future

Passwords, a necessary evil that we could do without in the future
Using password managers helps take care of personal accounts.

Good part of the security of our accounts rests with the password that we choose and there are countless times that connoisseurs ask to be especially careful with them. Shira Ovide, journalist specializing in technology The Washington Post points out that many times these recommendations are unrealistic and even obsolete. However, small changes could make all the difference.

“Passwords must die,” he wrote in an article. During the last several years websites Y Applications have replaced their use by registering Fingerprints or easy registration. While the tech developers have promised the disappearance of passwords, this change would not happen as soon as expected. Faced with this scenario, it is convenient to make certain adjustments so that our keys are more secure than before.

Is promise of not using passwords is based on authenticate identity in another way such as with the phone, fingerprint or your face. In this way, you can prove that it is indeed the owner of the account.


use long sentences

To create a better password, make sure it’s at least 16 characters long. The more letters, numbers or symbols, the more time the hackers to find the key. Bet on terms that are familiar or easy to remember, but with a slight twist. If you often remember a song or poem, use the one you prefer, but change some letters to symbols that resemble it.

Try not to use sequences that facilitate the work of hackers

Try not to use sequences that facilitate the work of hackers

Another strategy is to join four words that are not related to each other. Some accounts will not allow this type of passwords because they are governed by guidelines of security imposed by the government that are characterized by being obsolete. Even so, the blame often falls on the user who bets on a simple password or the use of it in various websites.

Use the authentication option

In addition to passwords, the option to authenticate the account owner is provided through two steps. This method helps further protect user information across various sites and apps. Preferably use this recommendation for email access, social media Y Bank accounts. Despite being a repeated recommendation, it is not usually taken into account regularly.


A password manager

Services like 1Password either Dashlane generate stronger passwords for each of the accounts you own. It saves them in a digital safe and fills them in automatically when entering the registered pages or applications. You can even create a simple password to enter the trunk where those that are characterized by being difficult to decipher are stored.

Ovide says that for years she has used Dashlane despite the fact that it is not a cheap service, since she pays $65 per year. Still, it’s easy to use and “precious for my peace of mind.” “I’m also relieved to see how it automatically fills in the boxes that ask for passwords or credit card numbers. It is important to note that not all methods are entirely safe. “Nothing is risk-free,” writes the journalist.