Parts shortage in 2022 could improve with difficulties

chip de broadcom para apple.jpeg
chip de broadcom para apple.jpeg

Global shortages of items for supply chains have been declining markedly this year. This has been seriously reflected in multiple processes, just talking about Apple. This has not allowed us to look away from certain advances in the company’s sales, speaking in terms of Macs.

consulting company, CounterpointResearch has been working on its predictions regarding different situations related to said shortage of parts this year. In her Notable improvements are in sight to be expected over the course of the remainder of the year. It’s obvious the shortage isn’t going to stop even this year, though Counterpoint expects component shortage ratings.

The global parts shortage

First of all, we must mention a little more context about this situation that afflicts the entire technology sector. Since the shortage of chips has not ceased to be present worldwide. The key factors can be diverse depending on your context, such as the remarkable increase in orders as it was during these years of pandemic. Then the sector was also affected by this health situation, since multiple companies saw their production chain reduced.

Now, even the automotive sector has entered the demand for parts, since more and more orders are noted worldwide for these for their own production. Although the problem is not appropriated either, because the usual and more “simple” drivers are responsible. If you want to know a little more about this recent topic, you can click on this link.

In summary, these types of chips are the most requested and in the greatest quantity, so that Apple has been noticeably affected by this situation. While the CEO, Tim Cook, notified the amount that the company has lost due to this problem, which has not been a low number. This figure should be updated soon with new reports from Apple with its earnings call.

The predictions about the shortage in 2022

Global chip shortage may worsen due to rises in Taiwan’s covid cases

Counterpoint revealed its recent reports about the shortage situation in 2022. This It was mainly based on studying the first two semesters of the year 2021 and tries to focus its predictions on how the situation will continue in the course of this year.

Counterpoint’s analysis is based mainly on four main sectors, these would be:

  • Chips used as display controllers or primarily focused on display processing.
  • The components that focus mainly on the memory process.
  • Chips used for processors.
  • Parts that are used in other types of boards, that is, those found in circuits responsible for Wi-Fi, etc.

This report and obstacles to improving the situation are further divided into more sectors, these classifications are meant to be much more specific and encompass broad levels of parts shortages.

The company reports that mainly screen control chips were characterized by being the most requested just last year. Counterpoint believes that orders were oversupplied by 20 to 30 percent in the first half of 2021. The second quarter, meanwhile, was hit by 10 to 20 percent, though it also expects supply to return. meet demand in 2022.

The market intelligence company also notes that the shortage of parts has damaged multiple areas. It is considered that there were around seven types of components in 2021, reducing to a truly alarming number. Not to mention also the number of four other types was reduced, of which it is also expected to continue in low numbers. These would be:

  • The chips related to the screens: LCM-PMIC.
  • The components used in discrete GPUs, however, aren’t really a big deal as far as Apple is concerned.
  • Parts occupied in the configuration of batteries or focused on the field of energy.
  • Those used in managing Wi-Fi.