Parler’s plans to create a censorship-free service infrastructure

There are more and more voices against the so-called Big Tech for the practices they carry out, affecting both free competition and the privacy of user data, as we have seen on more than one occasion, including the recent fine imposed on Google .

In this regard, we have come to see the emergence of alternatives to the main Internet services, including alternatives to Twitter focused on freedom of expression, as is the case with Parler, whose path full of obstacles we already know.

And this is where Parler now focuses to go beyond being an alternative to Twitter, since in a press release offered today it indicates that it has obtained 16 million dollars in Series B funds, which has allowed it to accumulate up to to date a total amount of 56 million dollars in funds.

The fight against Big Tech increases

With this amount of money, Parler says it will leapfrog the industry by creating “the world’s foremost free speech technology infrastructure and platform.”although it has also used its capital to acquire Dynascale Inc., an Irvine, California-based private cloud company that provides private and hybrid cloud solutions and custom managed services.

Given this ambition, the social media platform is also reorganized to be renamed Parlement Technologies, Inc., which will be the parent company charged with managing the diversity of technologies and platforms to further future freedom of expression on the Internet.

In this regard Dynascale Inc will become the infrastructure division and Parler the social media division. Who would have thought that the obstacles that Parler has had to go through would serve to push it to be an alternative to Big Tech even at infrastructure levels.

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George Farmer, CEO of Parlement Technologies, points out that:

We are entering a new era as Parlement Technologies, one that goes far beyond the confines of a free speech social media platform. Starting today, we’re building a new company that powers vital functions across business touchpoints, from front-end customer viewpoints to internal web infrastructure. We believe that Parlement Technologies will power the future. And the future is uncancellable.

Without a doubt, it is quite a surprise that a censored social platform is now covering a wide range of services seeking to be the censorship-free alternative, and for which, among other aspects, it will bet on technologies such as Web3 to fulfill its objective.