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Overcast, the podcast app for iOS comes with big updates

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overcast,podcast-update-new-design-more%2F&v=1&out=https%3A%2F%2Fapps.apple.com%2Fus%2Fapp%2Fovercast%2Fid888422857&ref=https%3A%2F%2F9to5mac.com%2F&title=Overcast%20podcast%20app%20for%20iOS%20gets%20major%20update%20with%20design%20overhaul%2C%20new%20features%2C%20more%20-%209to5Mac&txt=popular%20podcast%20player"> is a popular podcast player from the developer Marco Arment, who has today received new and important news for the world of apps. Well, new updates have been added with a revision in its design and functions. Arment describes this update as “part one” of the Overcast redesign he’s been working on. It has focused this time on the home screen, the playlist screen, typography and spacing.

News for Overcast

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You’ll see this new design immediately, right when you open the app for the first time after the update. The Overcast home screen now features a much more modern design, with an emphasis on new colors, rounded corners, and customization. Arment describes it as the “biggest redesign” in the almost eight years of history that the platform has.

The Overcast home screen now features your playlists at the top, which are now fully customizable in terms of colors and icons. Underneath you’ll also find a new section for recently played and published podcast episodes.

Overcast also presents you with a new revamped way of viewing the podcasts in your library, with three different options. Arment has explained this change in a blog post detailing today’s update:

I’ve also rethought the old stacked ‘Podcasts’ and ‘Played Podcasts’ sections to better suit people’s needs and expectations. The toggle above the podcast list now toggles between three different modes: podcasts with current episodes, all followed podcasts, and inactive podcasts (being those you don’t follow and therefore won’t receive any more episodes. Or those you don’t follow). have released new episode in a long time).

Overcast is also adding a number of new features with today’s update. The most important is the new function “Mark as played”. Which you can now find with a check button in the rows of episodes and a swipe action to the left, which will allow you to quickly mark an episode as played.

Other novelties of this update were

  • The second most requested feature is a way to view all featured episodes. Now special playlists can be created for Featured, Downloaded, and In Progress episodes.
  • light and dark themes now have a customizable tint color from the modern iOS UI color palette.
  • notifications and downloads in the background are now more reliable.
  • Downloads also include that episodes can now be individually deleted or re-downloaded at the user’s convenience.
  • Links can now be opened in Safari (Details under Nitpicky). This is really good, as it continues to make it easy for the user to access everything they need in the application.
  • Performance is now significantly better with very large playlists and collections.
  • They have fixed bugs in duration detection of episodes in CarPlay playlists, sharing in Mac apps, and more.
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There are so many things improved in this update that some of them are even missing.

Image showing the before and after of Overcast

extra notes

The use of Overcast would be good for many users. If you want to give it a chance, you can try it for hours for practicality to be able to listen to many episodes. So this new design gives many improvements to both old and new users.

This new home screen design looks much more personal in this update, thanks to playlist customization options and the ability to adjust pinned podcasts.

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It is also worth mentioning that the new update is not only focused on appearance, but in a good collection of new features. The addition of features like Mark As Played and additional smart playlist options will be nice handy options for any advanced podcast user.

Arment describes this as “the first part” of his broader Overcast redesign. So many users can keep an eye on what comes next for this platform and trust that the new enhancements are just one part of a larger plan. The application really needed these improvements, and now with the new design it is proving that the wait has been worth it.

Overcast is available on the App Store as a free download. There is an optional subscription with the equivalent of $9.99 per year within the app to remove ads. The app works on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Macs powered by Apple Silicon.

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