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Over 90% of iCloud Users Have Enabled Two-Step Verification, Says Apple

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Two-Favor Authentication (“2SV”) was launched as an extra tool to prevent third parties from being able to move accounts even with an email address and password. This feature is available on various social networks and platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and iCloud.

According to information from apple, around 95% of users have enabled this security feature in their iCloud accounts, increasing not only the protection of personal data, but also allowing them to use the Passkeys function, a feature that will be released in the next generations of macOS, iOS and iPadOS making it easy to login to websites.

This broad community membership is a result of the requirement imposed by Apple so that people can use resources offered by the developer, such as registering AirTags and transactions, for example. In addition to Apple, Google also recently announced that it will automatically enable 2SV on over 150 million accounts.

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According to big tech, two-step verification managed to reduce the number of account hacks by 50% in 2021, highlighting the importance of activating this tool to prevent your personal data from being intercepted. In the future, it is possible for companies to replace conventional passwords with other forms of access.

Two-Step Verification in iCloud:

  1. If your Apple ID account isn’t already using two-factor authentication, go to Settings > [seu nome] > Password and Security.

  2. Tap “Enable Two-Factor Authentication” and tap Continue.

  3. Enter a trusted phone number where you want to receive two-factor authentication verification codes (the number could be your iPhone number).

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    You can choose to receive the codes via text message or automated phone call.

  4. Tap Next.

  5. Enter the verification code sent to the trusted phone number.

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    To send or resend a verification code, tap “Didn’t receive a verification code?”


Do you use two favor authentication on your social media? Tell us, comment!

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