Outlook updates on iOS and Android: widgets, voice assistant and much more

Outlook updates on iOS and Android: widgets, voice assistant and much more
Outlook Updates On Ios And Android: Widgets, Voice Assistant And

When a new operating system appears we not only have to get used to the new features it adds, those shortcuts, functions and menus that have changed, but alson the days and weeks that follow, all sorts of updates begin to land in digital stores of the most important apps that we usually use all for the usual: email, navigation, office automation, productivity, etc.

And that is exactly what has happened to Outlook, which is in a tremendous rush to make a new version available take advantage of some of the news that have come to us with iOS 14 and Android 11. Or at least, that has been announced by Microsoft itself through a post in which it details everything we can expect from now on.

With own voice assistant

Once Cortana has passed away and you can only see her in Halo video games, Microsoft has decided to add a voice assistant in the Outlook application itself. A resource that will allow us to write or search emails within the inbox of the app in a much faster and more efficient way. What’s more, this novelty has more depth because it will offer us the opportunity to start conferences in Teams and even schedule events, meetings and find attachments.

What’s new in Outlook on iOS.

Another novelty is the possibility of importing more quickly any other email account that we have on the PC, even if it is not from Microsoft. Outlook has come up with a way to simplify this process by using QR codes, so all the information necessary to register a new email address will be much simpler and, above all, reliable. Without errors.

What’s new in Outlook on Android.

Another novelty is that Outlook can suggest possible responses to a message based on its context. That is, the app will be able to read what they have written to us and, from there, offer us possible answers, in case we don’t have too much time to think. This intelligence includes offering us alternatives to meetings on days and hours that we are not busy, which is always useful because it prevents us from having to go to other apps to consult anything.

Also, Outlook will offer a new widget for iOS 14 users, that will allow them to keep the most important notes on the agenda, and even notifications about emails, in case we do not want to access the app. Or the custom actions when we swipe left or right to delete, move, archive, etc. As usual, these news will be arriving in the coming days through an update available in digital stores.