Outlook on iPhone is updated and you can now report spam, how?

Outlook On Iphone Is Updated And You Can Now Report.jpg
Outlook On Iphone Is Updated And You Can Now Report.jpg

Statistics say it: Hackers and hackers that inhabit the online world have stopped sending malware in recent months to focus on phishing attacks. Those who throw us the hook of an unpaid invoice, an undelivered package or a blocked bank card so that we end up on a fake website leaving our personal data and credit and debit cards.

And most of the time, those attacks come through email, where messages with incomprehensible Spanish try to convince us to bite. Well, Outlook has finally introduced one of those security measures that should be mandatory in any email client, and especially when we are talking about one of the most used in the iOS ecosystem.

Update to report SPAM

The update of the Outlook application has arrived a few hours ago and finally introduces a function to report from the smartphone screen that the email we have received is dangerous, SPAM or simply unwanted. So that not only will it serve us, but the platform itself will know that this message must be blocked by many other accounts to which it could have reached.

These types of tools, in the end, become collaborative and it is the work of all users in a coordinated way that puts a stop to these messages that end up collapsing our inbox. Be that as it may, If you want to start pointing them out now, this is what you should do: the first, obviously, verify that you have the latest version, 4.42.0.

Flag emails as spam in Outlook.

Once inside Outlook you go to the inbox and click on a message that you think is SPAM. At the top right you will see three horizontal points. You touch on them and a menu will be displayed with options for managing that email. The third is “Report spam”, so you click to have the manager delete it and send it along with the other suspicious messages.

From that moment on, This communication is marked and set apart from the others, to avoid problems. And is that as Microsoft itself indicates in the App Store, “Do you see anything suspicious? Report spam and phishing messages to keep your inbox safe. Find the new option to Report spam right where you find other actions such as Archive and Delete. ” Of course, at the moment, only available for Microsoft 365 and Outlook.com accounts.