Outgrew Steam Deck? ASUS ROG Ally is disassembled and shows interior with modular parts

 ASUS ROG Ally: portable console with PC soul arrives to challenge Steam Deck |  Hands-on video
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A youtuber has already shown that it is possible to turn the ROG Ally into a Steam Deck just by installing SteamOS on it, but does the ASUS portable console have more things in common with its rival? iFixit decided to dismantle the ROG Ally to address these concerns, and the results were promising in terms of repairability.

As we can see in the video below, iFixit praised the ASUS project, as the ROG Ally has several internal components fitted in a modular way, which facilitates their exchange in case of defect in the analog directional pads or simply in case you want to upgrade the storage, for example.

The toughest component to replace on the ROG Ally is the screen, fixed with a fair amount of double-sided tape, but this was predictable and could be much worse. Fortunately it is possible to change the display with a good deal of care and a pick. In this case, it is interesting to note that it is not necessary to remove the screen to change other components, which is great.

Finally, iFixit points out that, although the ROG Ally has a practically modular interior with easily removable parts, ASUS has not yet made any of them available to be purchased separately. This is rather disappointing as it means you will always have to rely on official service or someone selling a part for a broken Ally.

Anyway, iFixit highly praised ASUS’s idea to facilitate access to the battery on the console, as well as making the analog sticks fully modular, without any soldering on the motherboard and with easily accessible parts, surpassing the Steam Deck in these aspects.

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