Outdoor cinema in summer: The best outdoor projectors

outdoor cinema in summer: the best outdoor projectors
outdoor cinema in summer: the best outdoor projectors

Using a projector outdoors is an excellent idea for summer movie sessions with friends in the garden or on the terrace, portable projectors you can take anywhere and use to watch movies outside or in the garden.

Although there are many models available and it will depend on what we want, there are some outdoor projectors that we can find and buy. It will depend on what we need, how much quality we want or how much we want to spend. Of course, before buying any you should take into account the space in which you are going to put it and that meet all conditions so that it can be seen properly.

Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projector

Compact and compatible with all kinds of devices, you can buy this Zemeollo brand projector for less than 350 euros. With 450 ANSI lumens brightness, 10,000:1 contrast ratio and WiFi connection plus 5G compatibility. It has automatic focus and electric focus and incorporates 10W speakers with a HiFi system to achieve a better, more immersive experience anywhere.

It is easy to take anywhere and includes a storage bag to store the projector and its accessories. In addition, it includes other interesting functions such as the zoom function that allows adjustment from 100 to 50%, for example, or compatibility with all types of files via USB such as Excel or PPT.


Portable 5G WiFi Bluetooth 1080p Projector

Another option is the Toptro portable projector for less than 150 euros. A portable 5G connected projector WiFi and Bluetooth and support for Full HD 1080P. With 8500 lumens, it is a portable projector that is easy to take everywhere thanks to its compact design and a built-in handle, ideal for outdoor cinema sessions.

It is compatible with all types of devices and sticks such as Chromecast, TV Box, etc. In addition, it has all kinds of Necessary connections like USB, HDMI and other ports that will allow us to connect any device and not just the mobile phone. It is easy to use and has all kinds of touch buttons as well as a remote control that will allow us to control it from anywhere.

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WEMAX Says 1080p

One of the best options is the WEMAX portable projector for outdoor cinema, although it is one of the most expensive on the list. with a price that around 800 eurosit lasts about three hours and allows us to watch movies outdoors without any problem and without depending on cables, which is why it is a highly recommended option. Great image quality and Dolby Audio compatibilityIt also has Android TV that will allow us to access any streaming application that we want to watch movies.

It has autofocus and has LED technology, 700 ANSI lumens and 1080p. In addition, it has all kinds of connectors. An HDMI input, USB 2.0 port, 3.5 mm audio port.


Artlii 5G WiFi Projector

For less than 300 euros you can also buy the Artlii 5G projector. Compatible with Android sticks, the projector allows you to watch all kinds of movies outdoors and is a good affordable option if you are looking for an outdoor projector. It is compatible with external Bluetooth devices, with WiFi and with audio systems such as Dolby Digital, For example. An excellent quality and experience.

As for image quality, it offers 340 lumens of high brightness and promises sharp colors. It offers electronic zoom and manual correction and the maximum projection size it offers is up to 250 inches for viewing on a large screen.


Mini DIY

It is not comparable in terms of quality to the previous ones but it is an option that you could take into account if you are looking for something very cheap. Dpofirs Mini DIY Portable Projector It is a cardboard projector that allows you to insert mobile phones (less than 5.8 inches) and works as an increase.

It is made of cardboard and of low quality but costs less than 30 euros if you are looking for something for a very specific day or you do not mind that it lacks many functions that the previous ones do have and it is not as worthwhile as others on this list. It does not work as a projector but as a magnifying glass.

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