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Our Readers Talk: What was the worst Windows you’ve ever used?

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Choose the worst windows ever it can be very complicated, especially since most of us were not old enough to enjoy the earlier versions that arrived in the mid-80s, such as Windows 1.0, for example that debuted in 1985. In my case, the first version of said operating system that I used was Windows 95, although it is true that, from then on, I never abandoned said operating system.

Windows 95 was, in fact, the operating system that came with my first PC. Previously, he had experimented with the PC world many times thanks to a friend, who had an MS-DOS-based computer that his father used for work and play. This made him lucky to have a PC that was always up-to-date and ready to perform well. Thanks to this he was also the first of the group to enjoy a 3DFX Voodoo, and later a Voodoo 2.

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On the other hand, the choice of the worst Windows may change based on criteria that we use. For many users, the worst Windows was Windows Vista, a version that came after Windows XP and that generated enormous controversy even within Microsoft itself, where some engineers reached such a level of exhaustion that they sent letters directly to Bill Gates alerting him that the development of said operating system did not look good at all.

Other users, however, consider that Windows Me it was the worst Windows ever, and there are also groups that point directly to Windows 8. There is also no shortage of those who negatively value Windows 10 for all the controversy about “get Windows 10 for free”, and for the problems that the biannual updates have caused.

Worst Windows

The worst Windows I’ve ever used: Windows Me

The truth is that when choosing I have had doubts between this and Windows Vista, but the truth is that with Windows Vista my experience was not, in the end, so bad, in fact I never had to reinstall the operating system, and I did not experience any serious errors. In the end, I ended up upgrading to Windows 7 directly, one of the best versions of Microsoft’s well-known operating system.

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Windows Me is, in my opinion, the worst Windows because it was, in general, an operating system meaningless. He arrived willing to mark a revolution in the sector and abandoned 16-bit support, but in the end he kept the same base as Windows 95 and Windows 98, that is, he did not jump to the Windows NT kernel, which Windows XP did, and in general the sensations that it transmitted were the same as Windows 98, saving the few functional improvements that it introduced.

Windows Me requirements were quite high, which caused me to have major performance issues even on PCs that were barely a few years old. This worked against him, but the most important thing, and the most serious thing, was that he arrived on the market full of errors. It is thinking about said operating system, and I feel as if when using it I was playing Russian roulette, since you never knew when a blue screen would jump out of nowhere.

Windows was the worst Windows, in my humble opinion, because it was so unstable that it could practically be defined as a “blue error”, due to the amount of screenshots it showed. Windows Vista was not perfect, this is clear, but it was introduced important elements, and even advanced at a technical level in very relevant aspects, among which we can highlight the introduction of DirectX 10. It was far superior to Windows Me. As an anecdote, I remind you that my favorite version of Windows is Windows 10.

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Now it’s your turnWhat is the worst Windows you have ever used? We read each other.

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