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WhatsApp Birthday

Congratulating a birthday is not too difficult and just use a couple of words, some emoji. But sometimes we are not sure what to say or we want to be a little more intense than normal. In that case, we search the Internet for phrases to congratulate a birthday on WhatsApp or original ways to do it beyond a simple “ congratulations ” along with some emoji.



If you are one of those who never know what to say, then we have compiled all kinds of ideas: birthday phrases for WhatsApp, images with phrases to send through the application or even the possibility of creating personalized greetings with the phrase you want . When sending congratulatory messages we can send a simple “happy birthday” but we can also be something more original or fun and not fall into the usual stuff. If you are one of those who never have the inspiration to think about them without help, below you can find something that fits you whatever style of greeting you want: for your girlfriend, for your boyfriend, for your parents, for brothers or sisters, for Be intense using famous phrases that talk about growing up or simply if you want fun emojis or stickers to use with your friends.

Birthday phrases for WhatsApp

If you want to look for birthday phrases to copy and paste on WhatsApp or to congratulate the birthday in groups and chats, there are many options that we can use. Famous phrases about growing up or about old age, but also other original, funny and humorous ideas, phrases for siblings, for your partner…

famous phrases

If you want to resort to famous phrases, there are many writers, artists or philosophers who have ever written about old age, about being an adult, about growing up, being old. You can find many interesting quotes on the Internet that allow us to be “intense” with our friends.

  • The secret of a good old age is nothing other than an honest pact with loneliness. – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Anyone who stops learning is old, whether they are 20 or 80. Anyone who continues learning stays young. –Henry Ford
  • Youth has no age. – Pablo Picasso
  • When grace meets wrinkles, it is adorable. There is an indescribable dawn in happy old age. – Victor Hugo
  • Shyness is not an ornament for youth, but a reproach to old age. – Aristotle
  • I will never be an old man. For me, old age is always 15 years later. –Francis Bacon
  • Old age is not how old you are, but how you feel. – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you’re a cheese. – Luis Buñuel
  • Old age is just a record of all life. – Muhammad Ali
  • Old age means nothing more than stopping suffering from the past. – Stefan Zweig
  • Old people distrust youth because they have been young. – William Shakespeare
  • One begins to be young at the age of sixty. – Pablo Picasso
  • A man knows he is getting older because he begins to look like his father. – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • The minute a man stops growing, no matter how old he is, he begins to be old. – William James
  • Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again. – C.S. Lewis
  • Age does not protect you from love. But love, to a certain extent, does protect you from age. – Jeanne Moreau

Romantic phrases for your girlfriend or boyfriend



It is not the most advisable to use phrases from the Internet to congratulate your partner or anyone with whom you have a special relationship, but if you have been thinking a lot and don’t know what to say, the Internet is full of phrases to congratulate your birthday. crush’ and not settle for a simple emoji of a cake. No one will know that they are copied.

  • I want to thank you for having managed to turn all my days into happy, beautiful, and very happy memories. I hope I can return all the love and joy that you have given me and that you give me. Happy Birthday!
  • I hate writing beautiful phrases to wish a happy birthday for an impossible love, but they say that it is difficult to achieve it and impossible to try, I will never give up darling. Happy Birthday love!
  • I love you for who you are when you are with me and for what you make me be when I am with you, I love feeling so special thanks to you. On this day I will be the first person to make you smile. My greatest wishes to you on this day, I love you!
  • You are able to make me laugh without being with me, without being in any contact with me, thanks to all our good and bad memories, and only you can do that. Congratulations my love, may God bless you!
  • Happy to have made you happy, happy to have given you my love, happy to have made you smile every day and happy to have you. I hope that of all the birthday phrases for a love, this is the one that makes you happiest. Happy Birthday my love!
  • A new year is here for my better half, for my other half, I hope and wish that each new day is better and more beautiful than the previous one. Happy birthday, let nothing and no one separate us, I love you!
  • If being in love is a crime, allow me a farewell, I will go to serve a life sentence. I want all the love I feel for you to become joys and blessings that come to you in the form of gifts. Happy birthday sweetheart!
  • This is the first birthday of the many that I want to celebrate you. I hope you enjoy these surprises that I have prepared for you with so much enthusiasm, and that they make you as happy as they do me.
  • In the end, what counts is the life you have in your years, and not the number of these. I hope yours is the happiest, with me always by your side.
  • My greatest wish for you on your birthday is that you are happy, that your smile never disappears, Congratulations.
  • Happy birthday, I hope this day is unforgettable for you and I can show you how important you are to me.
  • For your ability to cheer me up, to surprise me, to make me smile when I’m sad and for so many other things, I love you. Every day I celebrate that you exist, and today I am very grateful that you celebrate it with me.
  • I hope this birthday is as extraordinary and magical as you are.
  • Every day that passes I love you more and more, and that only shows that the love I feel for you has no limits. Happy Birthday!
  • I wish you a happy birthday and that life surprises you with beautiful moments and that I see them. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations Love! May all your dreams come true, may life smile at you in every new project you try to carry out and fill this year with love and health.
  • May this birthday be one more pearl in the necklace of your adventures. Congratulations!
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For brothers or sisters

If it is your brother or sister who has a birthday, normally we will congratulate them in person or send them a personalized message, but there are also phrases for those who want to try to be original and don’t even know how to do it.

  • You are an amazing person and the best brother I could have. Be very happy today and always. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations to the person who grew up next to me!
  • My great friend and brother of the heart , I hope you have a happy birthday and a wonderful life!
  • Congratulations on another year of life, brother! You’re getting older, but don’t worry: so is your wisdom.
  • I can’t imagine life without you and I love knowing that I will always have you close to me. I love you and I am very proud that you are my brother/sister.
  • Because more than a brother, you have been an unconditional friend to me, whom I have been able to count on in good times and bad, for that and for much more, today I want to wish you a happy anniversary.
  • I want to dedicate a happy birthday to his mother’s second most handsome son. I hope you start to face reality second, I love you to death. Happy birthday brother!
  • Today the wishes of all your family members, friends, and mine have joined together to multiply among themselves to make this day become the best of your life. Enjoy it very much, congratulations brother!
  • Do you remember when we were little when we hugged, laughed, and got angry so quickly? Do you remember when we played kitchen or with dolls? You get excited right? Happy birthday sister, enjoy it very much!
  • Mom and dad gave me the most beautiful gift I could have ever received, and they gave it to me exactly on the day you were born, because since then you became the center of my universe. Happy Birthday brother!
  • Mom gave me life, dad taught me to love, and the more I needed you, you came into my life to make me happy. Congratulations!
  • Today your whole family will be celebrating , today your whole family will be wrapping you up and giving you love, we will be making sure that you are happy at all times, and that nothing and no one is missing. Good day!

For mothers or fathers

Congratulating our mother or father can be difficult on WhatsApp. Most of us children prefer to be present on this day, but if we find ourselves at a distance we can use some of these phrases:

  • Happy birthday to the most loving mother/father in the world. You are my rock and my guide in life, and I love you very much.
  • Today we celebrate the person who has given us all his unconditional love and support. Happy birthday, mom/dad.
  • Thank you for being the best mother/father in the world. I hope your day is filled with love, laughter and happiness. Happy Birthday!
  • You are the best example to follow in life, and I am grateful for having you as a mother/father. Happy Birthday!
  • You are an incredible mother/father and there are no words that can express how much I love you. Happy birthday and God bless you!
  • You are a wonderful person who has made a big difference in my life. Happy birthday, mother/father!
  • You are a source of wisdom, love and joy in my life. Happy birthday, mom/dad!
  • Happy birthday to the best mother in the world. I love you very much.
  • May this day be full of love, laughter and everything that makes you happy. Happy Birthday Mom.
  • Thank you for being an incredible mother and for loving us unconditionally. Happy Birthday.
  • You are an example to follow and a blessing in our lives. Happy Birthday Mom.
  • May this new year of life bring you much joy and fulfillment of your dreams. Happy Birthday.
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Movie lines

If the birthday boy is a big movie buff, congratulating him on his birthday with one of these phrases will make him especially excited.

  • “May the force be with you” – Star Wars
  • “Hakuna Matata, live and be happy” – The Lion King
  • “Carpe Diem. “Seize the day, make your life extraordinary” – Dead Poets Society
  • “May your dreams come true” – Cinderella
  • “Never stop believing in yourself” – The Strange World of Jack
  • «Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get» – Forrest Gump
  • “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something” – In Pursuit of Happiness
  • “Happy birthday to infinity and beyond!” –Toy Story
  • “May your day be full of magic and adventure” – Alice in Wonderland
  • “I hope today you have the best day of your life so far” – Titanic
  • “Always remember who you are” – The Lion King
  • “May luck always be on your side” – The Hunger Games
  • “Have a day full of laughter and love” – Amélie
  • «Life is an adventure, enjoy it» – Up
  • «May your day be full of music and dance» – La La Land
  • “Have a day full of joy and happiness” – El Gran Pez
  • “No matter what happens, you always have to keep going” – The Wizard of Oz
  • “May your day be magical and full of surprises” – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  • “Have a day full of fun and epic adventures” – The Goonies
  • “May your day be filled with love, laughter and cake” – Matilda.

Pages to search for birthday phrases

If you don’t like any of the above, there are specialized websites where we can find as many birthday phrases as we need. For parents and children, for uncles, for your cousin, for your wife, for your brother-in-law, phrases to congratulate your mother or father on their birthday or even search engines by name…

Your birthday phrases

This page, as its name indicates, specializes in birthday phrases. Of all kinds, for everyone. The main categories are at the top: phrases for love, for friends and brothers, for uncles and cousins, parents and children, others, images… Within each section we find hundreds of downloadable options both in photography format and with quotes that we can copy.

There are many options available that we can copy and even an alphabetical list that allows us to find phrases according to the name we want: names that start with any letter, customizable options with the name of that person whose birthday we want to congratulate.


Great performance

Another website that allows us to find any phrase is Great birthday. As its name indicates, the site specializes in congratulations of all kinds . And we can filter by recipient, like most of this list: friend, mom, sister, boyfriend, daughter, love, brother, son, cousin… Or more specialized categories like “Christians”, for example, which will allow us to find phrases and blessings.

The website allows us to download phrases in text format as well as different photographs where the phrase is included in the image. In addition, customization is total thanks to the fact that there are categories for anything, for any WhatsApp message you want to send. For example, not only birthdays in general but congratulations for two months of the couple, four months, six months, seven months…


Birthday messages

As its name indicates, another website dedicated exclusively to birthday phrases and messages. Phrases to congratulate a birthday on WhatsApp or on the social network you want. And divided by theme, by type, by category. For your father, your sister-in-law, your boss. For belated birthdays or if you are looking for funny, love, short, beautiful, intellectual, inspiring or biblical messages. We simply need to go to the category you want or the page (all linked from the left side of the website) and copy what interests us.

Here we will not only find short phrases but complete congratulations and even poems that we can copy and paste into WhatsApp. For example, birthday messages that rhyme and that we can copy directly into a chat or group.

birthday messages

Images with phrases

If we want to send an image instead of a phrase as such copied and pasted from a website, we can download many images with phrases to congratulate the birthday on WhatsApp. We have the option of downloading them from the Internet and we simply save the photo and send it to that birthday person.

Phrases with Emotion

Exclusively dedicated to images with congratulations, with phrases. And we can send them by WhatsApp. The Phrases with Emotion website has several categories: reflection, life, beautiful, good morning, good night, love, motivation, positive, inspiring, friendship, new… But also a search engine and a section that allows us to access birthday phrases. Once inside the category (which you can tap by clicking on the link in the title of this section) we will see all kinds of photographs with phrases that we can download to our computer and mobile.

We will see images of resources with cakes, pastries or birthday candles. And next to the image we will see a series of phrases that will serve to congratulate that person.

phrases with emotion


One of the pages that always allows us to find congratulations or phrases for WhatsApp is phrases.top and it does so in image format. The quotes are not independent as in previous sections, but here we will find photographs with the phrases. We just have to save the image and send it to the birthday child in question. There are all kinds of sections and sections on the website : love, life, motivation, friendship, family, celebrities, prayers, images with phrases…

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In the birthday section we find several subcategories: beautiful birthday phrases, short birthday messages, ideas to say happy birthday, original birthday greetings, birthday greetings to dedicate, birthday wishes to send, birthday words to congratulate, thoughts of birthday to inspire you. We simply have to tap on the one we are interested in and we will see all the images that we can download.

frases top


Another essential that is never missing when we look for phrases for WhatsApp is Frasesparami, a website that has four sections: images, phrases, poems and motivational. And, among the categories, birthday phrases and congratulations that we can download in image format to send through the messaging app.

We can find different posts or entries that allow us to find very specific topics. For example, birthday wishes to dedicate to a daughter, birthday wishes for your partner, birthday wishes for friends. We simply tap on the one that interests us and see all the photographs or montages and collages that we can download and send to everyone.

phrases for me

Personalized congratulations

We can use any of the previous phrases to create our personalized greeting so we can add a photograph, a design, etc. Or we can look for applications that already have phrases but that allow us to personalize it with the name of the recipient.

Mr Wonderful

The Barcelona brand has become a success around the world for its motivational messages, for its designs of good vibes and love and friendship. And not only does it have all kinds of mugs, binders or agendas full of messages but also an application with phrases and images that we can take for free and even personalize. The Mr Wonderful application is available for iOS and Android and we can find photographs and images with the company’s popular designs: dancing avocados, pineapples and watermelons, sloths…

Mr Wonderful
Mr Wonderful
Mr. Wonderful
Mr Wonderful
Mr Wonderful
Mr. Wonderful
Developer: Mr. Wonderful Comunication SL.

Using the app is very simple and the first thing we can do is choose the language: Spanish, French, Portuguese or Italian. Once we have it, we can access a gallery of images with categories at the top: love it, supercompis, you can, special days or congratulations. The one that interests us is precisely the latter and when we touch we will see all kinds of images to congratulate special occasions. Among them, images to congratulate the birthday on WhatsApp.

But the interesting point is that by tapping on the photograph that interests us we can customize the photo we want. When we have chosen, we can tap on “personalize it” and we can choose the name of the person we want.

Mr Wonderful


The app par excellence for creating designs is Canva. It is an application with a web version or an offline version on the mobile phone or tablet. It has thousands of different templates that we can use at no cost and we can take any of the previous phrases to make a personalized image or greeting. Or use the ones that come by default. We simply have to go to the search engine on the main page and write “birthday” so that templates appear. We will find invitations, but also greeting cards that we can take to personalize.

We can use the ones that come by default, but we can also modify each of them if we want to change the color of the phrase, the quote, the image or even add a photograph. We can choose between various formats and sizes, etc. Once we have it, we download the image and share it with whoever we want.



One of the best ways to create personalized greetings on WhatsApp is to use JibJab, an application or website that allows us to personalize videos for that person. And it has a special birthday category where you just have to enter your photo or that of the recipient to create an original and fun greeting . We can always have the faces of our friends or family created to create an original greeting in a matter of seconds. Animated cards to congratulate any event. Among them, birthdays. We can see videos of the recipient eating his cake, dancing, opening gifts or celebrating with all kinds of original and fun designs. In addition, most of them are free and we do not have to pay anything if we want a wide catalog of options that is continually updated and renewed. Although some are paid, one option to save them at no cost is to record the screen when the test video is being made with the photos we have chosen.

We simply go to the website and choose “ birthday ” in the three-line menu in the upper right corner. Once here we will see all the birthday ecards and we can choose the one that interests us. We touch on it and click on “make video” or “make gif” and then choose a website from our gallery, customize it and download it. We can send it via WhatsApp to that person or we can even save the video to upload it to social networks like Instagram, for example.