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paneles solares.jpg
paneles solares.jpg

Sego Innovationsa Utah start-up, surprises us with its recent invention that fuses the ancient art of origami with solar technology, creating an innovative foldable solar charger.

Formed by a group of Brigham Young University graduates, Sego Innovations brings space technology into everyday life. Its founders, with experience in NASA projects that used origami to optimize designs, have applied these principles to develop a solar panel that folds to one-eighth of its size in just one second.

compact solar panel

solar panels

The charger Solar Sego It consists of monocrystalline solar cells from the renowned SunPower brand, which generate 25 watts of charge in optimal sunny conditions. These solar cells are protected by a coating of ETFE (a heat and weather resistant polymer) and supported by a high pressure fiberglass laminate, providing a strong structure ready for any adventure.

Ease of use and compact design

When folded, the Sego panel has the dimensions of a small 19 cm square slab and just 2.5 cm thick. However, thanks to its origami-inspired design, it expands to offer 0.24 m² of solar surface. This solar charger comes equipped with a charging module with a USB-C port, allowing it to be connected directly to a device that needs charging, or to a portable power pack for storage. For those who need even more power, multiple Sego solar panels can be connected together.

affordability and availability

The Sego solar panel prototype, weighing in at 1.4kg, is currently available through a Kickstarter campaign, with prices starting at $289. Additionally, Sego Innovations offers a premium model that replaces the fiberglass with a carbon fiber substrate, making it lighter and stronger, available starting at $475.

This innovation represents a new era in the portability and efficiency of solar energy. Travel and outdoor adventures will no longer be limited by the lack of access to electricity. This foldable solar charger demonstrates how space technologies can be adapted to improve our daily lives, allowing us to access renewable energy anywhere.

Learn more at kickstarter.com

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