Orange Waves, to convert text into audio and listen as if it were a podcast

orange waves plataforma que convierte texto en audio para escuchar como si fuera un podcast.jpg
orange waves plataforma que convierte texto en audio para escuchar como si fuera un podcast.jpg

You are probably in one of those days where you must devour a large amount of information to present it in front of an auditorium, a class or at the company meeting, but this feels like an impossible mission due to the little time you have.

Well, you no longer have to worry because we have brought you a solution with which you can assimilate quickly all that volume of information in a short time.

Is about Orange Wavesa tool endowed with functions that will allow you to convert a text file to audio so you can listen to it while you carry out other tasks.

You may click on the radio icon displayed on the page to hear a sample of the work done by this tool with different voices, so that you choose the one that is most to your liking.

orange waves text to audio converter

With Orange Waves you will have the opportunity to carry out other tasks while listening to the text documents that have been processed by the tool, thus helping you to optimize time and facilitate the understanding of those documents that the text could not address.

Features of Orange Waves

Among the most outstanding qualities that Orange Waves possesses are:


When processing the text file to be converted, Orange Waves supports the formats of PDF, DOC, TXT documentsamong others, as well as text presented in image format such as JPG and PNG.


Once the text has been converted into audio by Orange Waves, all you have to do is click on the button to play it and listen to it while doing other tasks.

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An advantage that Orange Waves presents is the speed with which it can carry out the conversion of the text file into audio no matter how large it may be.

To access the Orange Waves website click HERE