OPPO’s machinery does not stop: this will be the new Reno10 phone

OPPO's machinery does not stop: this will be the new Reno10 phone
oppo's machinery does not stop: this will be the new

OPPO's machinery does not stop: this will be the new Reno10 phone

The smartphone market is one of the most competitive that currently exists, and for this reason the companies that work in it are constantly evolving devices and launching new models. OPPO is one of them and, now that one of his foldables is already official internationally, it has been known that he is already working on a device designed to compete in the highest quality premium range.

The terminal we are talking about is the OPPO Reno10, a model that will give continuity to one of the most successful product ranges of all those that the Asian manufacturer has for sale (along with the Find). The fact is that the company does not turn off the boilers in its factories so as not to lose step when it comes to compete with your biggest rivals in the Android market, such as Samsung, Xiaomi or OnePlus itself.

What has been known about the OPPO Reno10

Well, to begin with, it is expected that there will be two models that will be put up for sale, one that can be considered basic and the other will have the name OPPO Reno10 Pro+. The first screen is expected to be 6.7-inch OLED with Full HD+ resolution. The integrated in the secondkeeping the same type of panel and dimensions, will offer a better definition because according to the data that has been known it will be 1.5K. Therefore, we speak of big words for the mid-range.

Scheme of the OPPO Reno10

On the other hand, one of the most important quality leaps that the new models will have will be in the cameras that will be used. Thus, the manufacturer is expected to bet on a 50MP main sensor (specifically a Sony IMX890) that will be accompanied by a second element that will allow a 2X zoom without loss. In addition, for selfies, the two terminals will have a 32-megapixel component that will be included in a hole in the screen in the upper area -right in the center-.

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Nor will it be out of place in the autonomy section. As always, this new version of the OPPO Reno will have a design that stands out for a thickness that will be below eight millimeters. Therefore, the 4,600mAh that are expected are quite an interesting brand. And, furthermore, the fast charge it will not be bad, since it will overcome the 60W No problem.

When are these new phones expected?

Well, if all goes well, it is normal for the new OPPO Reno10 to be official at some point in the summer of this year, because the design and supply management processes have been exceeded. Therefore, they will soon start searching for the necessary certifications to be able to be sold in the different regions where the company works.