Oppo’s German portal is empty: no products, return to the distant market

oppo's german portal is empty: no products, return to the
oppo's german portal is empty: no products, return to the


There is nothing left on Oppo’s German portal. In addition to the support sections, there is no trace of products. The banner on the sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League stands out on the homepage, an assist that would be perfect for talking to visitors about Find N2 Flip, the official smartphone of the continent’s top football competition. But nothing, no trace of the products not even in the image that forms the background for the two logos.

Scrolling down there is a small box in which Oppo confirms that the absence of products on the portal is intentional but at the same time that no problems will arise with those already sold:

No product information is available on our website. Some are not available in Germany, including the Reno 8 Series and Find N2 Flip.
Q – Can I continue to use Oppo products without restrictions, access support and receive upcoming updates?
A – Yes, you can use Oppo products without restrictions, get support and of course you will also receive all future updates.

The choice to clean up the site – there isn’t even a menu – is surprising but up to a certain point. In Germany, Oppo has been facing a critical situation for months due to the battle with Nokia over patents. The company has supported since the beginning of want to find a square with the Finns to remain in a market considered important, but sales are blocked, there seems to be no progress on the agreement and the latest signal, that of a portal that empties as if it had been looted, is certainly not a good thingdoes not indicate a return to the market soon.

Oppo Reno 8 Oppo Reno 8 Pro Oppo Reno 8 Pro Plus Oppo Reno 8 Lite
 73.4 x 160 x 7.67 mm
6.4 inches – 2400x1080px
 74.2 x 161.2 x 7.34 mm
6.7 inches – 2412×1080 px
74.2 x 161.2 x 7.34 mm
6.7 inches – 2412×1080 px
 73.17 x 159.85 x 7.55 mm
6.43 inches – 2400x1080px


The debut in Europe does not seem to have been a good deal for a giant that is still one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. Despite in France there are no apparent problems, beyond the Alps the situation does not seem to be the best: in recent days an investigation he told us how a sort of disengagement is underway. In Italy, on the other hand, everything is regular and there are no worrying signsbut despite the denials and reassurances, in short, it is clear that Oppo is not going through a good moment, both in Europe and at home where the division that dealt with the MariSilicon chips has been closed.

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