OPPO will stop including the charger in the box of some mobiles, although it has a reason to keep them

OPPO will stop including the charger in the box of some mobiles, although it has a reason to keep them
oppo will stop including the charger in the box of

2020 will go down in history as the year in which the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and, entering territory technology, for being the year that Apple stopped including the power adapter in the iPhone boxes. Since then, and despite the ridicule of some competitors, some manufacturers have chosen not to include this accessory.

OPPO is making its debut these days with the new OPPO Reno8 and Reno8 Pro that have already landed in new countries, including Spain. There is no problem with these, since they include a charger in their box, but one of the managers of the brand warns that future OPPO could stop including it.

Some OPPO from 2023 will stop carrying a charger

Billy Zhang, president of OPPO Sales outside of China, recently gave a group interview in which, among other issues, he discussed whether or not to include power adapters in phone boxes. According to Android Police, Zhang confirmed that in 2023 there will be devices of the brand that do without it. Although at the moment there seem to be reasons to continue wearing it.

Without dwelling on the matter too much, Zhang spoke of the current importance of including the charger on mobiles. Devices like the ones your company sells offer compatibility with a fast charge for which an adapter is needed to provide them with that power. The director affirms that “it is not easy to access [a estos cargadores] for consumers” and hence they keep adding it to the box.

However, this is the present, since Zhang also confirmed that “they will remove the charger from the box of several products next year”. With the enigmatic phrase “we have a plan”, the OPPO manager did not offer the official reason for this decision nor what specific ranges it will affect.

Having previously discussed fast charging adapters, it is possible that Zhang was referring to models that do not yet have fast charging. In any case, nothing is confirmed in this regard.

What is clear is that it will no longer be a surprise to find future mobile phones of the brand that only include the charging cable in the box. Yes indeed, it remains to be seen if they offer the charger separately and if it is free. Some manufacturers provide this option for those who do not have an adapter and at no additional cost, while others sell them separately.

Via | AndroidPolice

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