OPPO Watch 2 ECG Edition, a smartwatch with electrocardiogram to compete with the Apple Watch

OPPO Watch 2 ECG Edition, a smartwatch with electrocardiogram to compete with the Apple Watch
oppo watch 2 ecg edition, a smartwatch with electrocardiogram to

It is not the first time we have talked to you about OPPO Watch 2 ECG, a smartwatch that was almost completely leaked a couple of months ago. Now, the company has decided to make it official. And we already anticipate that this model is going to be one of the best alternatives to the family of Apple smart watches.

Mainly because this OPPO Watch 2 ECG stands out, as its name indicates, for having a complete EKG function to take care of your heart. Let’s see in detail what this new smarwatch from the Asian giant will be like.

Design and features of the OPPO Watch 2 ECG

At an aesthetic level, it fits note that the ECG version is traced to the original OPPO Watch 2. In this way, we find a smartwatch that boasts a rectangular design with rounded edges and a stainless steel case to give your new wearable an imposing appearance.

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OPPO Watch 2 ECG colors OPPO

More, considering its impressive 1.91-inch screen, resolution 372 x 430 pixels and curved axes, formed by an AMOLED panel that guarantees an image quality beyond any doubt. It is not necessary to remember that this type of screen allows you to view any content without problem, regardless of the light conditions in our environment.

When raising the hood we will find a Snapdragon 4100 processor, an SoC designed to be used in smart watches and that guarantees energy efficiency beyond any doubt. To this we must add 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage that will allow us to install all kinds of applications, or carry our favorite music on top to listen to any song without having to carry the phone in tow.

Regarding the operating system, OPPO has opted for its own ColorOS Watch 2.0 interface that we already saw in other models of the brand. And beware, the OPPO Watch 2 ECG has an e-SIM so you can provide it with LTE connectivity and be able to make or receive calls comfortably.

How could it be otherwise in a device with these characteristics, the OPPO Watch 2 ECG is capable of recording 100 different sports practices, In addition to having NFC, GPS and all kinds of sensors to monitor until the last step you take, in addition to your daily rest and stress levels.

We couldn’t forget about its amazing 510 mAh battery, which translates to a autonomy between 2 and 16 days depending on the use you give it. Although, without a doubt, the most interesting element of this smartwatch comes with its ability to make electrocardiograms.

In this way, the OPPO watch 2 ECG hides an ECG sensor capable of real-time electrocardiograms, with which it can detect any cardiac abnormality such as cardiac arrhythmias.

Regarding the price and launch date of the OPPO Watch 2 ECG, this model has just been presented in China and can already be reserved through the manufacturer’s website at a price at the exchange of about 330 euros.