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OPPO Pad Air, new cheap tablet ideal for multimedia content

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OPPO Pad Air, new cheap tablet ideal for multimedia content

The tablet has been officially presented OPPO Pad Air, a model with which the Asian company intends to put much more pressure on the market and compete in practically any segment. This is because this device, which is the second launched by the manufacturer, is cheaper… but it does not lack excellent options to use it with multimedia content.

Aesthetically, this is a model that is quite reminiscent of Apple’s iPad Air, and it does not lack options that are striking, such as the use of aluminum in its manufacture and, of course, quite visible edges because it does not have particularly smooth lines (and, this, favors offering a good grip). In what has to do with weight, the one with the OPPO Pad Air is 440 grams and its thickness is spectacular: it stays alone 6.94 millimeters.

A complete hardware in this OPPO Pad Air

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Inside this tablet you will find a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 680. This is a correct SoC that allows you to run all kinds of applications with solvency, and it does not defend badly with games because the integrated GPU is a adrenaline 610. Nothing spectacular, it is true, but it is enough for the vast majority of users. The fact is that the Android 12 operating system it uses works perfectly.

Side image of OPPO Pad Air tablet

When it comes to memory, there is good news. On the one hand, the RAM is 4 or 6 GB, which ensures that everything flows as it should when running apps. When it comes to storage things are better as this is kind of UFS 2.2, which ensures a high speed of reading and writing information, and can be chosen between 64 or 128 GB. Pretty good here.

It should not be forgotten that the battery is 7,100mAh, which is not bad considering its thickness and weight, being more than enough to reach 10 hours of regular use. By the way, you don’t need fast charge of 18W, which without being crazy does allow us not to have to endure almost eternal processes.

Multimedia does not resist

We say this because this OPPO Pad Air has an IPS screen of 10.36 inches. This one has 2K resolution, which is excellent detail, and its brightness reaches 400 nits. A good combination that, added to a pixel density that exceeds 200 dpi, ensures that everything looks perfectly – since it even offers 10-bit color support. Perfect, therefore, to watch YouTube videos or series and movies from cloud platforms.

OPPO Pad Air tablet screen

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Apart from what was indicated before, the sound is quite well taken care of because, apart from offering support for Dolby, the tablet has nothing less than four speakers that allow to get a really good localization. The truth is that this is surprising for a model that, as will be seen below, is quite cheap.

Prices of this OPPO Pad Air

Taking into account everything indicated and that this device does not lack a couple of cameras (the rear and main one of 8 megapixels, while the front one to make video calls reaches 5 MP), the prices that we show below are quite attractive and, therefore, it is an excellent purchase option when you arrive in Spain… something that you will do for sure. They are the following:

  • OPPO Pad Air 4 + 64 GB: 185 euros to change
  • OPPO Pad Air 4 + 128 GB: 215 euros to change
  • OPPO Pad Air 6 + 128 GB: 240 euros to change


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