OPPO is also going for tablets: this will be the new Pad 2, which will have a lot of power

OPPO is also going for tablets: this will be the new Pad 2, which will have a lot of power
oppo is also going for tablets: this will be the

OPPO is also going for tablets: this will be the new Pad 2, which will have a lot of power

The company OPPO It is tightening a lot in the markets in which it has a presence, and one of them is that of the tablets. A few years ago there were hardly any companies that paid attention to it, but now it has become a key for many firms, among which is the one we have indicated. The fact is that enough details have been known from which one can expect the new model which is expected to hit the market shortly.

The reason why information has been leaked is that it has been published in the database of geekbenchone of the applications that are commonly used to find out the performance of Android devices, the results obtained by the OPPO Pad 2. This is a model that, without seeking to be the most powerful of all those on the market, does it will offer a high work capacity, which will make it valid for both personal and professional use (in this case, always with a synchronized Bluetooth keyboard).

Things are quite clear in this OPPO

According to the data that has been leaked, the bet in what has to do with the processor will be a Snapdragon 888. It is not the best that Qualcomm offers, that is clear, but the truth is that it is a SoC that has sufficient solvency so that even the most demanding games can be run (an example is Fortnite, without going any further).

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This component, which works at a maximum frequency of 2.84GHz, is much better than the 870 that the previous generation had and, in particular, there are two improvements that are important: temperature control is more effective and, in addition, the consumption it is much more controlled. If this is used, the qualitative leap is clear.

OPPO Pad 2 result in Geekbench

Another thing that is positive about the results obtained in the performance test, which can be seen just before this paragraph, is that the RAM will be 8GB. OPPO usually does not skimp on this section, and does the same with the Pad 2. The fact is that everything will go smoothly when running two applications at the same time, taking advantage of the shared screen. In addition, the operating system will be Android 13, so we are talking about being perfectly updated when the tablet is presented.

Good battery so everything fits perfectly

The integrated one will have an amperage of 9,500mAh, a quite interesting amount and that aims to be enough so that the 11.6-inch screen used is not a problem in the autonomy section. In addition, it should be noted that he did not lack fast charge that would reach 67W, excellent power in the tablet market.

In what has to do with the arrival on the market, everything suggests that the OPPO Pad 2 could be one of the travel companions in the presentation of this month of March, in which the Find X6, the company’s new high-end phone, will also be announced. The fact is that it was thought that this tablet would come with a MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor, and the manufacturer may have changed its mind in the end, opting for a Qualcomm component.

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