Oppo Find X5 vs Oppo Reno 8, comparing the day and night camera


It is one thing to see the specifications of mobile phones “on paper”, and another is to go out and start testing the camera. Oppo phones are excellent when it comes to cameras, and there are two similarly priced models that have a very similar camera, the Find X5 and the Reno 8.

In this video I show you the results of a day of testing with both phones, taking the same photos under the same conditions:

I have not used the system they have to track a moving object, nor the Live HDR video, features that can be seen in the specifications, for this you can analyze the pages here and here, what I have done is take out the mobile and take photos and record videos, which 99.99% of the population usually do with their mobiles, without taking advantage of the Pro mode or spending more than 30 seconds looking for the best configuration.

It is true that each camera can take advantage of a lot if we start playing with exposure times, HDR modes, AI activated and others, but when we are on the street, or at a dinner with friends, and we want to take a photo, what we do is put everything in auto mode and let the mobile work its magic. Those are the photos you can see in the video.


After testing both mobiles, which have a difference of 100 euros in their price (449 for the x5 and 549 for the reno 8), and taking into account that the processor of the reno 8 is better, you can conclude that in daytime photo there is no a lot of difference, but there is in video stabilization and night photography. The streetlights are less of a nuisance in the reno 8, capable of capturing more light in less time.

Even so, the X5’s night photography is excellent when compared to other mid-range models, so if those 100 euros represent a big difference for your pocket, the X5 is still an excellent option.

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