Oppo Find N3, the brand’s most ambitious foldable

oppo find n3 el plegable mas ambicioso de la marca.jpg
oppo find n3 el plegable mas ambicioso de la marca.jpg

It is now official Oppo Find N3a premium range folding notebook style, which curiously shares many features with the OnePlus Openwhich was also presented recently, we are talking about a similar design, identical internal screen, same processor (Snapdragon 8 Gen 2) and also the same cameras (48MP + 48MP + 64MP).

These similarities do not surprise us much when considering that these brands belong to the same Chinese conglomerate (BBK). Be that as it may, today we are not here to make comparisons or criticize the lack of innovation in the mobile industry (perhaps later), but to get to know the Oppo Find N3.

This is the Oppo Find N3

The most important thing to know about the Oppo Find N3 is that it has a notebook-style folding design, which uses an innovative hinge made of aviation-grade materials, ensuring unparalleled strength and flexibility. When the device is deployed, a 7.82-inch Flexi-Fluid AMOLED display with 2K resolution (2,440 x 2,268 px), 120Hz refresh rate and brightness up to 2,800 Nits.

Oppo Find N3 - Screen

On the back is an external screen with 6.31-inch Super Fluid AMOLED panel, also 2K resolution, brightness of up to 2,800 nits and who would have thought, 120Hz refresh rate. Thanks to its design, the Oppo Find N3 can offer up to three windows on the screen at any given time. In other words, we can view the content vertically and horizontally. Oppo claims this essentially turns the device into a virtual 15-inch display.

It is important to note that the Oppo Find N3 has the useful Alert Slider button popularized by OnePlus.

Oppo Find N3 – Design

Hardware and cameras

With all that in mind, inside the Oppo Find N3 boasts of having the top-of-the-range chip of the moment, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 from Qualcomm. Naturally, he is not alone, they accompany him 12GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 512GB of internal storage at least (there is a 16GB/1TB version). A 4,805mAh battery with 67W SuperVOOC charging support keeps it going and, according to Oppo, it can be recharged to 100% in just 42 minutes.

Oppo Find N3 - Cameras

Moving on to the photographic field, Oppo calls the Find N3 as one of the most advanced camera systems put into a smartphone. As if that were not enough, the lenses are tuned by Hasselblad, who leaves his signature on the huge photographic module on the back. The latter is broken down as follows:

  • Main: Sony LYTIA-T808 48MP, f/1.7, 1/.143-inch sensor size
  • Wide Angle: 48MP, f/2.2, 114º
  • Telephoto: 64MP, f/2.6, 3x 70mm, 6 stabilizer periscope lenses

Finally, there are two selfie cameras: the 20MP one inside and the 32MP one on the cover screen.

The new OPPO Find N3 can now be reserved at the manufacturer’s website, but as such we have no confirmation of its launch in Europe or other markets besides China. That said, in his native country he has a initial price of 9,999 yuan (almost 1,300 euros at the exchange rate) And it will be On sale from October 27 in 4 color presentations and 2 finishes.

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